God is making what you have now to be enough until he brings what is next for you.

What you have will be enough, you don’t have to fear this lack any longer. What you can do will be enough, you don’t have to be overwhelmed another day. Who you are is enough, you never have to assume a position of unworthiness again.

When you’re working in God’s math, you must get used to things that do not look reasonable. Things that don’t sound logical. Impossible things made possible. Isn’t that what God does? So, why have you been fretting over your impossible? Honey, don’t fret over it, turn it over. Bring this to the feet of the One who can. Put this into the hands of the One who will.

Remember that mission retreat we did in October for the 99+1 House? We took 40 BIG Life girls and turned what were formerly condemned rooms in an abandoned nursing home building into designer rooms worthy of a magazine. These rooms are the new safe havens for girls who have aged out of foster care with no where to go, along with girls who have been rescued from unimaginable situations. We only had a small funding for this mission, and a few short months to make it happen. I’m going to be completely honest and confess I cancelled the entire thing more times than I would like to admit, as I sat and did the math.

It wasn’t possible. There wasn’t enough money. There wasn’t enough time. We were in way over our heads.

I called and had a conversation with Gail, the powerhouse Mama of the 99+1 Home. I thought I was going to have a “coming to Jesus” talk with Gail. In my head is was going to go like this: Gail, this isn’t possible. There’s not enough money and there’s not enough time. We need to scale way back. We need to delay. I think we need to cancel.

But here’s what I learned … you don’t have a “coming to Jesus” talk with Gail because Gail already went to Jesus! Without an ounce of worry or stress in her voice she said, “Pamela, God told me a long time ago we were going to be working from his math.”

Okay, God’s math.

You see, God’s math doesn’t work the same way the world’s math works. He takes what looks like entirely too little and makes it more than enough. He takes a drop and creates an abundant overflow.

But, there’s only one way that happens … you have to trust him with that drop. That little bit. That which looks like it would never be enough, and certainly doesn’t feel like enough, must be released to the Almighty. With that, a drop becomes an overflow. A little becomes more than enough.

Where do you need God’s math in your life? Where do you have much too little for what is needed? Where do you feel inadequate and in way over your head? Where has the enemy been reminding you that you’re simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH? Oh honey, it’s time to bring that all to God and let him do what only he can do.

Yes, the one who turned the 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish into a meal to feed a hungry crowd of thousands, then gathered 12 baskets of leftovers after everyone was full. THAT IS WHO YOU NEED!

And guess what … that is who you get!

You get the one who turns not enough into abundance. You get the one who takes what little you have within you and multiplies it to make you more than enough for every single thing ahead of you. You get Jesus, and Jesus does God’s math!

Yesterday we read in 1 Kings 17: 7-16 about the widow who was gathering sticks to go home, build a fire, and use the final bit of flour and oil she had to make one last meal for her and her son before they died. Elijah met this widow and told her if she would use what little she had to first make him a biscuit, then the tiny bit of flour and oil she had would not run out. She would have ENOUGH.

This made absolutely no sense. How are you supposed to take from what is already not enough? How are you supposed to give when there’s nothing left to give? How can it be possible to do more when you’re already failing with little?

But out of faith, the widow did exactly as Elijah had told her. She banked on this promise he shared from God. A promise that said, “The jar of flour will not be used up and the jug of oil will not run dry until the day the Lord sends rain on the land.’” (verse 14)

And do you know what happened? Seriously, you need to know, because it’s the same thing that can happen for you.

It can happen in the little bit of strength you have. That strength can be magnificently multiplied.
It can happen in the energy you have. That energy can be infinitely increased.
It can happen with your patience. That patience can be abundantly amplified.
It can happen with your abilities. That ability can be exceedingly enlarged.
It can happen with your resources. Those resources can be divinely duplicated.

You’re listening to a little country girl without a day of training or college courses. I’m a girl who was never supposed to be able to speak again. A girl who wrestled with an imposter syndrome that convinced her she could never be her spunky, spirited self who often says things she probably shouldn’t. And I’m also just a girl who decided to turn what little she had over to her great big God and said, “You do your math God!”

What I bring isn’t enough. What I have is really insufficient on its own. Who I am continually falls short. But when who I am, what I have, and all I can do, is placed at the feet of Jesus and into the hands of a mighty God, then hot dang, IT JUST KEEPS FLOWING!!!!!

And I promise the same will be true for you. That energy will just keep flowing. That strength will keep flowing. That patience will keep flowing. That little ability you have will be multiplied and magnified to do magnificient things you never imagined doing. Those resources just won’t give out.

Verse 15 & 16 “The widow went away and did as Elijah had told her. So there was food every day for Elijah and for the woman and her family. For the jar of flour was not used up and the jug of oil did not run dry, in keeping with the word of the Lord spoken by Elijah.”

Throughout the drought, the flour and the oil never ran out. And honey, throughout your drought, the little you have will be more than enough when you trust God with it.

God’s math is receive and give. Every time you receive, give it. You receive grace, you give grace. You receive blessings, you give blessings. You receive goodness, you give goodness. You receive time, you give time.

And every time you give, you will receive even more. You give kindness, you receive even more kindness. You give your time, you receive even more time. You give your treasures, you’ll end up with more treasures than you know what to do with!

Nope, it won’t make sense. This can’t be explained. It won’t balance on a spreadsheet. The flour and oil should have only been enough for that final meal, but every day it just kept being enough. Why? Because she kept giving. And honey, when you keep giving, you align yourself to keep receiving.

This drought won’t last forever, but while it’s here, God’s math is going to get you through!

*(Oh, and since it’s just me and you here, I’m going to share a little secret with you, but you have to keep it between us. In April, we’re going back to the 99+1 House in Oklahoma for Mission Retreat part 2. We have the 2nd wing to complete for more girls who are awaiting rooms! We will be counting on God’s Math again. I hope you will be part of it!)

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