If this year of life were a color, what color would it be for you? Think about that. What color describes your 2022?

Sadly, the memories of an entire year of life often turn to a dull gray. Life so easily slips into the gray. The nothingness. Not great, not horrible… just unimpressive, unremarkable, and then unmemorable.

These gray years are dangerous. You can’t afford another gray year. These are the years we lose our passion. The years we drift from a purpose and start going through the motions. These are the years where we wander away from who we were created to be, and the life available to us, and we find ourselves in a dull existence of gray where we’re checked out, perpetually trying to just get through this thing to get to the next thing.

Is this the life Jesus said he came to give us in John 10:10? Is this a full life? Is this an abundant life, filled to the full and overflowing?

If 2022 has become nothing but gray for you, it’s hard to imagine life in full color again. Those bright, hopeful days seem unreachable.

How could 2023 possibly be different? Reality says it will be more of the same. You’ll start stuff and not finish it. You’ll make plans and those plans will fall apart. Your one step forward will be followed by two steps back. You’ll be disappointed. And without knowing it, you’ve already chosen the color for this vibrant new year of life in the offering to you. It too will be dull gray.

You won’t get overly excited. You won’t be overly optimistic. You will hesitate to start. You will resist going all in. You will question your worth. You will feel like not enough. And you will settle for less than God has planned for you, because gray has become familiar.

But God is calling you out of settling. Another gray year is not his purpose for you. In fact, he never intended for this year to be gray. He filled it with opportunities and unspeakable beauty in full color. He so hoped you would seize those opportunities and go for it. But the dullness set in, and gray is where you found yourself.

Can’t you hear him whispering to your soul at this moment, “my girl, I have a bright future for you.” Can’t you feel him stirring your spirit, with the hope of something new and different? Don’t dismiss that! Don’t let the gray overtake his light. Don’t allow your disappointment to steal what God has offered.

The enemy has been playing in the dark corners of this dull gray. He’s been killing your energy. He’s been stealing your passion. He’s been destroying your desire. Your spunk has been replaced with a colorless, passionless, spiritless, emptiness and you’re a shell of who you once were.

Recognize it … this is why you feel the way you do. The evil one has taken your color. However, when the light of Jesus comes fully into your life, the enemy’s darkness is lifted and these gray years are banished.

2023 doesn’t have to be gray for you. There is no dullness in God’s good plans for you. There is a fullness of life, a purpose in the daily, a supernatural filling in the ordinary. This blanket of gray must be removed!

This new year of life has a vibrant color for you, and it is anything but gray!

God’s spirit is prompting you at this moment to CRAVE something more. Prompting you to CRAVE a fullness of life that won’t let you settle for less. Prompting you to CRAVE a vibrant existence that thrills and fills your soul.

You see, that’s the problem. You’ve lost your craving for all God has for you. In these gray years, you’ve settled for what was easy, or what was immediate, or what was expected, and you’ve lost your craving for what you were designed for.

Honey, you were designed to live a vibrant, full, overflowing life. You were handcrafted to rise up, overcome, and be more than a conqueror. How do I know? Because you were designed to carry the Spirit of God within you, and that Spirit empowers you to do ALL THINGS, IMPOSSIBLE THINGS, EXCITING THINGS. But don’t miss it, that Spirit also empowers you to do everyday ordinary things with excellence. That Spirit supernaturally guides you to be in the unfolding of eternal plans at the perfect moment on a regular ol’ Tuesday.

Lord, I have settled for less. I have been stuck in the gray. I’ve lost my desire for more. I’m here, but I’m not really here. Restore my crave. Bring me to the place where I crave your goodness over my ease. Bring me to the place where I crave your full color over the familiar gray I’ve been living in.

Jeremiah 10:21 “For the shepherds have become dull-hearted, And have not sought the LORD; Therefore they shall not prosper, And all their flocks shall be scattered.”

Dull-hearted. This is the existence we sometimes find ourselves in. Our hearts are dull from these gray years. And these dull hearts of ours will not prosper. This gray blanket we have allowed to settle over our lives will prohibit the fullness of life Jesus has offered.

What has dulled our hearts? Complacency. This blahhhh existence of repetitive tasks where our hearts have been checked out for so long, the color has just gone out.

The solution is to be WHOLEHEARTED (there’s a word for someone). A heart that craves more. A heart that craves a life with purpose and meaning. A heart that is beating in full force, experiencing the vibrancy of life offered by a Creator who goes absolutely over the top!

Stop giving just a little of your heart. Wake up and give it all. The best of you. All of you. Craving more and more, and refusing to settle for the enemy’s offers of less. No, God says MORE! God says ALL. God says YOUR WHOLE HEART.

Then you will prosper. Then things will start working. Then life regains it’s color and the dull gray blanket is lifted.

These gray years of dull-hearted living are over. God is calling you out of that existence and into the fullness of life Jesus came to give you. The fullness where your whole heart is in, where you crave to live up to your potential more than you want this to be easy, and where your whole world is in full color with vibrancy!

What color will 2023 be for you? Let it be vibrant!

(Vibrant – Whole-Hearted – Crave)

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