Within you is greatness. Sheer, utter, mind blowing, greatness. You have the ability to do great things. You have the power to change hard things. You have the strength to get through any thing.

This is who you are and how you were created. When God formed you, he designed you as a vessel to carry this greatness within. His Spirit dwells within you, making you more than ordinary, you are extraordinary. Through the power that lives within you, all things are made possible.

So, why aren’t all the things happening? Why are you still waiting on your breakthrough? Why are you still struggling? Why is this still so dang hard? Why do you still have this hardship, this habit, this unknown?

Here’s why … with God, everything follows a process. There is an unfolding that he will not rush. He holds all time, and he is not stressed or pressured in the moment. Isaiah 46:10, the Lord says, “Only I can tell you the future before it even happens. Everything I plan will come to pass, for I do whatever I wish.”

God already knows how this is going to all work out. He has already seen how these broken pieces you hold today will come together to make something beautiful. The master has a Master Plan, and it will not fail.

But why do we assume the Master Plan must be mysterious and immediate? Why do we put God’s works in a magical box with an expiration date?

God works in our lives through a process. A process that in our human experience takes time, however on God’s level, it’s already happened. This 3 month unknown period you find yourself in has already been held in God’s hands. This 10 years of wilderness where you feel lost and stuck was already figured out before you ever wandered your way into this mess.

God sees beyond this. He holds the time and space after where you are now, with great care and full knowledge. His providential wisdom allows him to guide you through the process instead of rush the experience. You see, when you already know the blessing of the journey, you don’t rush to the destination.

God has blessings for you on this journey, and your destination will be reached, but it will not be rushed.

Think about the creation of this world. Everything was created by God’s word. He said “let there be light”, and hot dang if there wasn’t light. He said “let there be land”, and boom, mountains formed out of the seas and the waters made way. He said “let there be creatures in the sea and birds in the air”, and just like that, we have massive humpback whales and tiny hummingbirds.

But have you ever wondered why God didn’t just speak it all at once and create everything together? Why didn’t God, with the power of his word, command everything to be created in an instant? I believe it’s because he is showing us the flow of process. The rhythm of life.

Scripture says he took 6 days to create everything, then he rested. 6 days. Now remember, God’s time is different than our time. 2 Peter 3:8 “But do not forget this one thing: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.”

He may have taken a thousand years to create the sun and the moon and the stars. Is it any less of a miracle? He may have taken the next thousand years to create every living creature. Isn’t this still totally remarkable?

So, girl, why are you stressing when things are taking time in your life? Why are you frustrated when progress is slower than you had hoped for? Why are you already giving up just because you haven’t seen a breakthrough yet? Isn’t it still miraculous that God has a plan and it’s guaranteed to unfold? Isn’t it remarkable that today has been fully accounted for since the beginning of time, and God’s plans include and extend well beyond this?

What is the divine flow God is inviting you into? What is the rhythm of this season of your life? I assure you, it is not rushed. It is not stressed. It is not overwhelmed. It is filled with purpose and carved out in this destined time in the eternal. It is aligned with a process which God has determined is good.

It is good for you.

Ahhhh, can you receive that today? This process you find yourself in right now has been determined as good for you.

For the pregnant little mama who found out this week her husband lost his job, this process will be good for you. For the woman who has invested over 20 years in a marriage that is now falling apart, this process will be good for you. For the woman who aches for her child who is running a hundred miles an hour down the wrong path in life, this process will be good for you.

How can that be possible? The same way God created the vastness of the Universe out of a complete void. Through a process. A process that won’t make sense to us. A process that won’t be on our timeline. A process that will look ridiculous at times. A process that will unfold in a rhythm to create beauty beyond our wildest imaginations.

Greatness is your potential. Greatness unfolds in a process. The process follows a rhythm. The rhythm invites your participation.

You wake up to a new day, expectant. Expecting God has gone before you. Expecting God has made a way. Expecting you will be equipped with every single thing you need to live well. Expecting to be guided.

It’s the beginning of the day’s rhythm.

Then you flow. You flow with doing what you can, where you are, with what you have. You flow with the promptings of his Spirit within you. You flow with tapping into supernatural strength and faith. You flow with believing all things are working together for good.

And as you flow, you partner with God in the process. This process has you becoming more and more like who he created you to be. This process unleashes the greatness within you. This process is the Master’s Plan for your life, and you get to participate in the unfolding.

This flow brings you to the end of the day where the rhythm slows. You look back to find his fingerprints on the details of your day. You receive peace. You rest. You trust.

Then a new day is offered. New with mercies and blessings and provisions divinely aligned all over again. And you flow in the rhythm with God again. Some days you see progress in the process, and some days you don’t, but each is guided just the same. Guided by a Master Plan that is good.

It will take time. Not because God requires time, but because God works in time. He is patient. He is detailed. And he is FOR YOU.

2 Peter 3:9 using God’s Word Translation, “The Lord isn’t slow to do what he promised, as some people think. Rather, he is patient for your sake. He doesn’t want to destroy anyone but wants all people to have an opportunity to turn to him and change the way they think and act.”

You see this process, the very one you want desperately to rush and just get through, it is a process God knows is good for you. A process that brings you to him and changes the way you think and act. A process that puts you in step with his rhythm, and in his flow where the greatness within you is revealed.

The Master’s Plan for you is GOOD, and this process will be good for you.

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