Have you ever noticed your track recording of screw up and beat up? You mess up, then you dwell in that mess and convince yourself you can never do better. You miss one day, and that one off day creates a downward spiral that leaves you worse than when you started.

Your inner critic is savage. She’s always looking for the opportunity to point out you’ve once again failed to get it right, which means you ARE a failure. She beats you down and whispers her nasty insults, poking at your wounds.

Inner Critic:
You forgot to pray this morning. I knew you wouldn’t stick with it. You were silly to even try.
You screwed up your meal plan yesterday. You know you’re going to screw it up again later today, so why not eat that doughnut now?
You’ve already started yelling again. So much for that new calm, peaceful you setting the thermostat in your home. You’re not even capable of change.
You’re not good enough.
You never stick with it.
You will never get better.

Do you remember the Loony Toon cartoons of the 80’s? Sylvester the cat was always chasing after Tweety Bird, but could never quite catch that little rascal. Sylvester would often have a moment of conflict where a little devil would appear on one shoulder and a little angle on the other. The devil would prompt him to do bad things, and the angel would encourage him to do good.

Gosh, don’t we have that little devil on our shoulder? It’s that inner critic voice pointing out the screw up and beating us up to keep us down. Recognize the source of that voice. That’s the enemy slipping through cracked doors, weaseling his way into your mind, prompting you to do bad things. Bad things like just give up. Bad things like excuse yourself from trying. Bad things like believe you are unworthy, you are broken, you are too far gone, you are hopeless, and you will never be good enough.

Pshhhhhhhttt, devil, get on up out of here! You may taunt, but I don’t have to listen. You may poke, but I don’t have to be pushed around. You may insult, but I don’t have to receive.

Now, here’s the thing, if you’re already empty inside and void of anything filling you, what the enemy is dealing will be received. He will fill the empty spaces of your heart and mind, convincing you of his negative crap filled lies. The voice of that little devil on your shoulder, prompting you to just give in and just give up, will always overwhelm you if you offer him the space.

Why would you give him your shoulder? Why would he have a place in your life? Why would his voice be a valid consideration at any point?

Little devil, with your little insults and jabs, trying to make me settle for a little life far short of the BIG life Jesus came to give me, you are OUT! My shoulder isn’t available to you. My ear will not listen. My mind will not be your playground. You get ZERO space in my life.

Now think about protecting space. If you have an empty room, and there’s an enemy trying to beat down the door, he might just get in because the only thing holding him back is the door. However, if on the other side of the door where the enemy is trying to barge in, you have a full room, he not only has to fight the door, but he has to fight everyone behind that door creating resistance.

Girl, fill your room with the angels! I’m talking about all the truths of God. All the eternal promises of the Almighty. All the mountain moving strength guaranteed to you through the power of Jesus Christ. You fill your room to capacity with the things of God, and no devil will be able to bust through that door. If the door isn’t strong enough to hold him back, the army stacked up against that door will create an impenetrable barricade.

Receive that image now. There’s an enemy at the door. He’s trying to beat down the door. You know he may just be successful, so you call an entire army to come push up against that door with you. Hold the enemy back. Grab every piece of furniture and barricade that door with force. Create such a strong resistance that he will never be able to get in the room.

What room am I speaking of?

It’s your mind. Your thoughts. The enemy’s playground.

If your mind is empty, it is vulnerable. The personal insults and crappy suggestions of the devil will invade your thoughts and convince you to give up, check out, and settle where you are. But, if your mind is filled already, the door is reinforced with power to keep the enemy out!

Today, you fill your mind. You flood that space with promises and truths. You create an overflow of power that presses up against the doors the enemy has been knocking on. You leave no empty space of the devil to invade. You leave no opening for his suggestions.

Want to know why I never hear the devil telling me I’m a failure and I should just give up? BECAUSE I HAVE AN OVERFLOWING ABUNDANCE OF GOD’s TRUTH AND PROMISES FILLING MY MIND AND THE ENEMY CAN’T GET IN THE DOOR! Anytime I’m dealing with someone who is filled with doubt and fear, and constantly giving up, I realize it’s because the enemy has gotten in the space of their mind and he has been playing. What they need is more Jesus. More truth. More promises. More power.

Here’s the thing, YOU NEED JESUS. For the changes you seek to make, for the growth you desire, for the life you were created for, you need Jesus. And Jesus is completely okay with you constantly needing him. He’s okay with you continually coming back and saying “Jesus, I screwed this up and I really need you today.” He’s okay with you failing and needing more of him. He’s okay with you doing this thing totally imperfect and seeking his grace to cover your shortcomings.

He’s not only okay with it, it’s what he came for!

So, think about this, every time you come to Jesus and say, “helllppppppppp, I’ve fallen down again and I can’t get back up”, you’re really just providing a place for Jesus to fulfill his purpose.

Jesus, I’m here to give you space for your purpose. My life is your space. My mind is ready to be flooded by you. Come fill this space and barricade these doors the enemy has been trying to break through.

Paul asked the Lord to take away his problem, and this was God’s response. 2 Corinthians 12:9 “But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”

Because of your need for Jesus, his power can rest on you. Ahhhh, girl, receive that.

When that little devil inner critic voice tries to sit on your shoulder and tell you there’s really no point in trying again because you will always screw this up, you remind him Jesus’ power is made perfect in your weakness and his power is resting all over you!

Now devil, get off my shoulder! There’s no space for you in my mind. I am overflowing with power through the truths and promises of God that tell me I am more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus, I am a mountain mover in faith, I am a chosen daughter of the Almighty King, I am a Spirit carrying warrior. And every time I mess up, it’s just space for Jesus to fulfill his purpose in me, cover me in grace, and replace my weakness with his power!

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