Smells Like Hell

You are on a mission, yet you’re battling distractions sent by the enemy. God has called you to live different, yet you’re being taunted by the same ol’ things. Check the source of the things stealing your attention and occupying your mind space. Honey, if it smells like Hell, recognize that’s likely where it came from.

The devil can’t steal your destiny, but he can most certainly distract you from it. He can keep you so wrapped up in chaos that you miss your calling. He can keep you so busy with negativity that you overlook the opportunity. Your mind is the battleground, and if you’re always bombarded by the next squirrel to chase, the next pot to stir, or the next person to talk about, YOU ARE LOSING THE BATTLE.

I’ve noticed when I’m stepping in alignment with God’s good plans for my life, suddenly there are distractions popping up everywhere. Drama to the left. Chaos to the right. Regret chasing me down. Overwhelm up ahead. But when I stop reacting to everything around me, and take an intentional pause with a big deep breath, I get a whiff of what’s really happening. What I smell is Hell!

That drama, that chaos, that regret, and that overwhelm, they’re all distractions from the pits of Hell, directed by the enemy of God’s good plans. And every time you stop your forward progress toward the life you were created for, to entertain the drama or be pulled in by the chaos, the enemy wins! It’s another day you don’t live up to your full potential because you’re dealing with nonsense.

Honey, you could be living up to your destiny already, but you’ve been distracted. You’ve been over here talking about her, worrying about them, stirring up crap in this circle, assuming the worst of these people, overwhelmingly too busy to change a darn thing, and digging ruts of mindless habits doing it over and over again. Smells kinda like Hell, to be honest.

That all comes from the pits of Hell where there are plans to kill, steal, and destroy every ounce of goodness in your life. Take a whiff and see, Sis, that’s not from God!

When I’m on the edge of breakthrough, just on the cusp of stepping into divinely aligned, purpose filled destinations, that’s the time the distractions hit. Drama and difficulties. Craziness and chaos. Tempting invitations to derail and dabble in the distractions. But then, I smell it. I smell the residue of where it came from. I smell the source, and that source is Hell. Handcrafted attempts of the evil one sent to distract me from what I’m here to do.

But I haven’t always stopped to smell it. I haven’t always resisted the invitation to detour into the drama. I’ve been sucked in by the chaos before and missed my exit. I’ve failed at this enough times to know, I don’t want to go down that road again!

How about you? Are you noticing just when you start getting on the right track, the arrows start flying? Have you made the connection between your next step towards destiny and the drama erupting to detour you?

Exit from those conversations now. Bow out of that conflict and let them accept the crown of victory. You don’t want to win in a Hell orchestrated contest anyway. Evict that same story from playing in your head, and reclaim your mental space. If someone is bringing drama, close the curtain. If someone is constantly stirring the pot and creating chaos, give them the pot.

You steer into whatever you’re looking at. It’s why cars run into the crash on the side of the road. They were looking at the accident and steered right into it. And you think the devil doesn’t know this chaos will cause you to steer into it and crash? Of course he does!

In order to reach your destiny, you’ve got to get good at ignoring things.

You have to stop being so darn impressed by the size of your problems.

You need a good stiff arm with the enemy.

Have you ever seen a football player running down the field with the ball, and just as the defense comes in for the tackle, the ball carrier puts out a stiff arm and holds them back. Now, a stiff arm doesn’t work if you stop running. It only works if you keep running full force with positive momentum toward the goal, while that arm is out stiff, holding back the attacker.

You’re on a mission and you need a stiff arm. A stiff arm that holds back your attacker and doesn’t allow him to distract you. And you still have to move forward. Now is not the time to sit and entertain what you know has come at you from Hell. You have a ball to carry and a goal to focus on. KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

They want to talk bad about you … stiff arm.

They want to stir up drama … stiff arm.

You’re invited to a pity party … stiff arm.

The conversation turns negative … stiff arm.

Chaos is brewing … stiff arm.

The enemy figured out he can’t destroy you, so he’s unleashing every demon in Hell to distract you. And here’s the thing about distractions, they never look like distractions until they’re finished distracting you.

It looked like something you needed to be involved in. It looked like something you needed to know all about. It looked like something you should be talking about. It looked like something you should be offended by. It looked like something you should get all up in the middle of. But when you do, you’re distracted. And once the distraction has distracted you, then you look around and realize this all smelled like Hell and you got sucked in.

1 Corinthians 7:35 “I am saying this for your benefit, not to place restrictions on you. I want you to do whatever will help you serve the Lord best, with as few distractions as possible.”

Today, you eliminate the distractions. You end the conversations. You step away from the gossip. You let the circus take back their monkeys. You stiff arm everything that smells like Hell and you keep moving forward so your life is best lived for God.

Remember Peter out walking on the water with Jesus. He’s literally in the middle of a miracle. When did he begin to sink? When he was distracted by the waves.

Honey, these are waves. Don’t be distracted by them. They will cause you to sink. Keep your eye on Jesus and what he has called you to do, and you’ll be walking in a miracle with him!

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