There are some things in your life you can do something about, and you should. There are other things, no matter what you try and how long you keep trying, it’s simply not happening. You’re going to wear yourself out trying.

So, how do you know the difference? How do you know when the ball is totally in your court and the next move is yours to make, versus the only move left here is God’s move and you’re counting on it.

Dang, that’s a tough question. One I don’t feel quite qualified to answer. But God started speaking to me this week about a few things that have opened my eyes to my past, and therefore changed how I see my life now and my future ahead.

Here’s what God started showing me … There are some things I can take credit for. I showed up. I pushed through. I tried again. I made myself do freaking hard things, and I made myself keep doing them. I forced myself to make friends with being bad at things long enough to get good at them. I made some good choices. I remained faithful.

Then God revealed to me some things I can take zero credit for. Some of the key, most pivotal moments in my life were not of my own doing. It wasn’t my hard work. It wasn’t my great plan. It wasn’t my faithful step. It was absolutely nothing more, and nothing less, than God’s undeniable GRACE.

It was his grace that gave me parents who taught me how to make ordinary things so fun. I still use that to help others every day. That was grace.

It was his grace that brought me a young man at 15 who would love me for the rest of my life, and protect me from how completely innocent, naive and mold-able I was to anyone who would have paid attention to me. Oh, the regret he saved me from. That was grace.

It was his grace that put me in the office of a retired Army medic at the very moment a blood clot would lodge in my brain stem, creating a massive stroke. My life was truly saved that day, as I should have been home alone instead of at my office before it even opened. That was grace.

It was his grace that positioned me in front of the desk of a very successful, influential older man who would look me in my eye and tell me I had more potential than I was living up to. It was him who pushed me to my limits and insisted I speak in words what I really wanted to be, and out of my mouth flew “I want to be a motivational speaker.” In that moment, I was so embarrassed I even said such a ridiculous thing, and this successful man never batted an eye and said “Yes, that’s it. Now, why aren’t you doing it?” That was grace.

It was his grace that brought me my first 20 people to “motivate” when I had no clue what I was doing and how to do it. They should have never trusted me, but they did. That was grace.

I didn’t do anything to deserve these things. I didn’t work for these things. I didn’t even choose these things. These things, and these people, seemingly chose me. It was divine timing I couldn’t plan. It was ridiculous blessings I didn’t even recognize at the time. And now, looking back, I see it was God’s GRACE overflowing in my life.

Can you see where God’s GRACE could be the only explanation for some things in your life? You didn’t earn that. You didn’t align that. You didn’t make that happen. Think about that now and make your compelling list of examples and proof of God’s grace covering your life.

GRACE: The spontaneous, unmerited gift of the the divine favor of God. The divine influence of God for our revival and anointing.

I hesitated to share my own list of God’s grace over my life, in fear that it would cause you to compare and say, “Why didn’t God’s grace have me born into that kind of family? Why didn’t God’s grace bring me true love the first time around? Why didn’t God’s grace save my loved one the way he saved you?”

I can’t answer those questions. But what I can tell you for sure is God’s grace has shown up in your life in very specific and poignant ways, now it’s up to you to look back and recognize them. Look what he did for you that you couldn’t have done for yourself. Look how he was in the details even when you couldn’t see it back then. Look how he saved you, and know there are a thousand other times he saved you so darn well you were never even aware of the threat.

Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 12:9: But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

Meaning, God’s grace is the perfect covering for what you could never do. God’s grace is for all the things you could never make happen on your own. God’s grace is for the things you’re so overwhelming frustrated over. God’s grace is for the things so big you haven’t dared to even dream them yet. God’s grace is for what all your good works could never earn.

Now, here’s why God prompted me to look back on my own life and consider the work of his grace, and why he asked me to encourage you to do the same. YOU MUST BE AWARE OF THE POWER OF GOD’S GRACE IN YOUR LIFE AND KNOW HE’S STILL DOING RIDICULOUSLY GOOD, TOTALLY UNEARNED, DIVINELY PERFECT THINGS FOR YOU!

Perhaps the very thing you’ve been so discouraged over is the exact thing that will require nothing short of God’s grace. And perhaps God has already aligned his grace and you just can’t see it yet.

Remember, God’s grace is spontaneous. It comes out of nowhere. It happens when you least expect it. It shows up in the middle of storm as well as in the quiet whispers of stillness. That’s what God did for you before, honey, now why wouldn’t he do it again? Remember how he swooped in and did that for you? Remember how it required split second perfect timing to save you before, and now you’re stressing over this delay? Girl, he knows what time it is! His grace is divinely timed!

Going back to the definition of grace, it is unmerited, meaning you can’t earn it. God has done things for you that you straight up could have never worked hard enough for. You couldn’t have planned. And yet, he chose you for it all anyway. Now, don’t you think he’s doing it again, for you, his girl? Oh, I know he is! If all your good works and best efforts still aren’t good enough, God’s grace says keep showing up because I can do what you can’t, AND I WANT TO!

Where you are weak, disappointed, stuck, without options, overwhelmed, counted out and cornered in, this is exactly where God’s power is made so strong. This is where GRACE does it’s finest work!

Grace is the divine influence of God for our revival and anointing. It’s his grace that is going to make you more than enough. It is his grace that is going to meet you right where you are and bring some things back to life again. It is his grace that is going to relight the flame within you that has gone out. It is his grace that is going to set you apart, strengthen and empower you, and guide you through open doors in your future you would never have the courage to walk through today.

That’s what God’s GRACE does. And you already have proof of it in your life. Now, trust, you have a promise of that same mountain moving, chain breaking, wall crumbling, water parting, totally life changing, grace for every day of your future.

My life is proof of God’s grace, and so is yours. My future is covered in God’s grace, and so is yours. Impossible things are being made possible. Divine alignments are being ordered. Miraculous moments are being set in motion. And it’s all grace that brings it spontaneously into your life when you could have never earned it on your own!

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