I wonder how many times we’re standing smack dab in the middle of God’s holy provision, and we totally miss it. I wonder how often God’s detailed answer to our prayers is surrounding us, yet we are oblivious in our continual state of worry.

Are we much like Jacob when he wakes up in Genesis 28:16 and thinks, “Surely the Lord is in this place, and I was not aware of it.”

We’re just not aware of how God is truly in this place. How he has divinely aligned every detail for our next step along the path to his good plans for our life. How he has lovingly prepared immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine, but he’s done it so well it all appears normal.

Honey, it’s not normal that you made it through what you made it through. It’s not normal that things worked out for you. It’s not normal that you’re right here right now, because it truly was impossible. You may not have realized just how impossible it really was, but your lack of awareness doesn’t change the fact that God stepped in and made impossible things possible on your behalf. It’s not normal that you are capable of doing what you now do effortlessly. It’s not normal how you always make it through. It’s not normal, it’s a miracle!

Surely God has been at work in your life, and you were not aware of it! You never even saw what his hand protected you from. You never felt the threat that was on your heels. God has been all around you, pulling off miraculous feats on your behalf, all while you were totally clueless to his work every day of your life.

But, what if we were to become more aware? What if we had a spiritual awakening to his presence and his power, and we started seeing his hand at work in the details of our lives like never before. Imagine a day where you discover the fingerprints of God on every unfolding. It all first passed through his hands to get to you. It all was perfectly placed in alignment with his good plans, then released into your life for a purpose.

Oh, if we could live with eyes wide open to the supernatural. If we could sense his presence in every next step before us. Wouldn’t our stressful load be lightened? Wouldn’t our burdens be lifted? Wouldn’t our worries be absolutely senseless? Not that we would understand everything or have every question answered, but we would be assured of his providence over every detail.

I believe this is the relationship we are designed to have with our creator. This is what we are here to experience. We’re growing to discover eyes that see life differently.

Jesus teaches us in Matthew 6:22-23 “Your eye is like a lamp that provides light for your body. When your eye is healthy, your whole body is filled with light. But when your eye is unhealthy, your whole body is filled with darkness. And if the light you think you have is actually darkness, how deep that darkness is!”

The Greek word for healthy implies generous. Unhealthy would mean greedy. I’ve never thought of my eyes as generous or greedy before, but really what Jesus is teaching us is if you look for God in the details of your life, your whole body will be filled with light. You will see him at work in everything. You will not only be guided by his light, but your burdens will be made light. Your journey through life will be without so many stumbles and lost wanderings. All because you are looking for God generously.

But, if your eye is unhealthy, meaning greedy and not willing to look at the fullness of God’s work surrounding you, your whole body will be filled with darkness. And isn’t this a major problem for so many of us today? We are overwhelmed by the darkness within. We are burdened by a heavy depression that makes everything so much harder. It makes our burdens too heavy to carry. It makes the next step impossible to see.

What has caused this darkness? Greedy eyes. Eyes that are no longer searching for God in the details of our lives. Eyes that are not fully open to his wonderful works in our midst. Eyes that refuse to see all that really isn’t normal in our lives and is absolutely nothing short of a miracle.

On Sunday my husband and I were enjoying lunch and live music at one of our favorite little restaurants on the island. A family came rowing up on kayaks and sat down at the table next to us. It was the classic family vacation gone wrong and you could see it a mile away. Mom had booked a kayaking adventure for the whole family, and the whole family was absolutely miserable. They were sunburned, they were hungry, they were tired, and nobody was having fun.

I was especially drawn to the teenage daughter who couldn’t have appeared more miserable if she would have tried … and I’m pretty sure she was trying with every ounce of her to make it very clear she was 100% miserable. She sat in her chair, totally disgruntled with everything. She plain ol’ didn’t want to be there and nothing was making it better.

Having gone through a few miserable family vacations with disgruntled teenagers, I could sympathize. Some level of unhappiness is normal. However, this was a level of darkness that was palatable. Her entire body was dark.

My spirit became very sensitive to her as I observed her outward acts of an inner darkness. She had no light in her eyes. Her eyes were greedy. They were not looking for evidence of anything good, they were set on all that was to her disliking. She didn’t like this beautiful place she found herself in. She didn’t like the delightful live music that was playing. She didn’t like the delicious food being offered to her. She didn’t like the warm sunshine or the blissful turquoise waters. Her eyes liked NONE OF IT.

And really, we can show up to some circumstances of our lives in the same exact fashion. You don’t like your job, so you show up with greedy eyes refusing to look for anything good. You don’t like your circumstances, so you dread getting out of bed to another day of the same ol’ crap you hated yesterday. Your eyes don’t want to see anything different because that would mean there’s some sense of responsibility on you to make a change. You don’t like yourself, so you look in the mirror with greedy eyes that refuse to acknowledge the miraculous and wonderful work you are.

So we sit at the table of life miserable. Our eyes have become greedy and we don’t see how God is surely in this place. And we wonder why we battle an unknown darkness. Why are we so unhappy? Why are we so overwhelmed? Why are we so exhausted? Why is life so dark for us when it seems others experience such light?

Now, take special notice of what Jesus said in that final sentence, “And if the light you think you have is actually darkness, how deep that darkness is!” Sometimes in our search for something that makes us feel special or seen or heard, we find offerings of the enemy and we are tricked. Tricked into believing his darkness is a light.

For this teenage girl sitting miserably at a table with her family on a beautiful beach, her darkness was not only palatable, but her body was adorned with trinkets of her search for light. Crystals hung around her neck. Her earrings were palms and tarot cards. This girl was searching, but she had found darkness to replace the light of Christ, and how deep that darkness had become.

And I see it all around. We’re desperate for light in our lives. Something to make sense of the nonsense. Something to answer the questions we have. Something that proves we are special and unique and tied to something bigger than ourselves. But when we find that in anything other than Jesus, we have found nothing but darkness that will consume us and pull us into a pit of the darkest of darks.

Jesus is your answer.

Not a crystal. Not a card. Not a psychic. Not a sign. Not a number. Not a reading. Not a horoscope. Not a star. Not a full moon. Nothing other than Jesus.

He is the light. And when your eyes are generously looking for Jesus in every detail of your life, your entire body will be filled with light. You will be guided. You will be filled. You will be strengthened. You will be blessed beyond measure.

Don’t let your eyes grow greedy. Don’t let them focus on what is wrong and what you don’t like. That only brings darkness.

Jesus brings light. His light is EVERYWHERE today. This isn’t normal. None of it is normal. It’s all supernatural and God is the super behind what looks so natural. Look for him and your whole world will change!

Lord, we need a spiritual awakening. Help us to see you here! Help us to see your involvement in every unfolding detail of our lives. We need your light.

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