What would you do if you really believed God was in it with you? What would you do if you knew for certain God was 100% for you? What would you do if you were totally confident it would work?

These are questions that have been stirring within me since hearing Steven Furtick’s sermon this past Sunday titled “Focus Your Faith”. Now I pass the big wooden spoon to you for a bit of stirring.

Past disappointments have limited big dreams. Future worries have hampered today’s potential. Misunderstood denials convinced you you’re not good enough and your dreams need to settle down and be quiet in the back seat. But honey, those denials were not a slammed door in your face of opportunities not available to you, those denials were sweet protection from things you just weren’t quite ready for yet. It didn’t mean never try again, it meant you’re still growing and your time isn’t here quite yet. It meant do what you can with where you are, and let God grow more within you.

But did the last denial bring you to a place of growth, or did it bring you to a place of giving up? Did that disappointment completely derail you, or did it send you on down the tracks to discover what was waiting next for you? My sister, we’ve got to stop limiting the dreams our creator has put within us. We’ve got to stop derailing this train in the bends, and stay on track knowing God is leading us somewhere good. And we have to recognize what we can do with where we are and what we already have, and actually start doing it.

We all imagine what we would do if we had unlimited resources. Oh, wouldn’t we be generous? Wouldn’t we be bold? Wouldn’t we plow through those roadblocks and make radical impact? It’s the billionaire version of our lives. What we think we would do.

Twenty years ago, one of my early mentors, Jim Rohn, taught me, “More money will only make you more of what you already are.” If you’re already stressed, more money makes you more stressed. If you’re already overwhelmed, more money will make you even more overwhelmed. If you’re already spending more than you have, more money will make you spend even more money than you have. If you’re already generous, more money will make you more generous.

And I’ve found this to be absolutely true. Who you are is not changed by what you have, it is multiplied. I know that sounds bizarre, but take a look at it in your own life. Isn’t it true? Remember when you made a whole lot less than you do right now, now you make so much more and have so much more, yet you still think even more is the answer. Somehow more will solve your problems. Nope, more will only promote more of what you’re already doing. Already overspending. Already stressing. Already wasting.

So then, let’s not talk about what you would do if you were a billionaire, because you may be delusional in your belief. Instead, let’s talk about what you’re doing right now, where you are with what you have, because this is the greatest indicator of the even bigger things you have the potential of doing.

This sermon I heard used the example of a man who said if he had more money, he would build orphanages. Then he was asked, so what are you doing right now about this dream? If you can’t go build an orphanage, are you sending a $20 donation to one monthly? Are you doing anything now?

You wouldn’t do it at a billionaire level if you won’t do the entry level version of it where you currently are. Stop fooling yourself.

And this goes way beyond money. This is true of every area of our lives. If we allow it here, we will only allow even more of it with future success.

You think if you could hire a personal trainer and a private chef you would be fit and healthy, that’s billionaire level. Where you currently are is a girl with access to literally thousands of free workout videos on YouTube and every healthy recipe you can imagine a few clicks away on the google. But what …. you’re not doing it? Oh Sis, we all start at the entry level and prove our faithfulness right here. If you won’t do it here, don’t be fooled into believing you would do it “there”.

It’s a nasty little trick of the devil to fool us into believing we need more before we begin to follow the promptings of God for our lives. It’s a whispered lie from the pits of hell that convince us we can’t do anything here until we have more to work with. So, we’re sidelined, our dreams are held hostage in the backseat, and all our God given potential is rotting as we are content believing one day we will do something different when circumstances change.

You know when circumstances change? WHEN WE CHANGE!

When you change how you show up, when you change what you allow and don’t allow in your life, when you change how you spend your time, your energy and your money, things start changing!

Lord, where have I been fooled into believing I need more before anything changes? Where have I been tricked into sitting on the sidelines waiting for something you’ve already given me the start of? Awaken me, O Lord. I want to do better!

Back to the original questions, what would you do if you really believed God was in it with you? What would you do if you knew for certain God was 100% for you? What would you do if you were totally confident it would work? And one more important question, what would you do if you knew today’s radical act of obedience is the seed for every big thing God wants to grow in your life?

D.L. Moody said, “If God is your partner, make your plans BIG.”

And I would like to add to that. Here’s a quote from P.D. Crim (that’s me), “Every BIG plan starts on ground level.”

People who build orphanages are the same people who would faithfully offer a minimal monthly support when they had little. They are the same people that would open their small home to those in need and gladly throw mattresses on every open floor space. They are the same people that would pray over a family in need and dare to see how they could help.

They become more of who they already are.

You become more of who you already are. God will not be fooled. If you want to open the storehouses of heaven in your life, start being ridiculously generous and insanely faithful with all you have now.

You wouldn’t give someone a car, if you wouldn’t give someone a ride today.
You wouldn’t follow the healthy meal plan of a private chef, if you wouldn’t refuse the doughnut today.
You wouldn’t spend more than you make then, if you won’t stop ordering from Amazon today.
You wouldn’t spend more time with God if you could quit your job, if you won’t talk to him today on your drive to work.
You wouldn’t draw the line on that toxic relationship in a more stable future, if you won’t draw a line today in uncertainty.

Your attitude and actions today prove what you would do.

Girls, we need to go to work on our here and now. This is our future harvest!

Jesus said in Luke 16:10 “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.”

You may not have a whole lot today, and there may not be a whole lot you can do within your circumstances, but what you do here determines your future allotment. Can you be the girl who could be trusted with abundantly more of anything, or would you be the girl who would be overwhelmed, stressed, and totally missing the point?

Here’s the thing, GOD IS FOR YOU. 100% for you. He knows what he put within you when he created you, and he knows it perfectly aligns with the good plans he designed for your life. He has always been leaning over the rails of Heaven rooting for you. There’s no one that wants you to get it right and move forward more than God. He wants it for you even more than you want it for you. He’s willing to move Heaven and Earth for you. He’s willing to part seas and break chains for you.

He is your partner, you should be dreaming BIG! You should be believing it’s all totally possible. But the truth is, you can’t fool yourself either. You know if you can be trusted. You know if you’re really faithful with what you already have. You know if you’re really doing all you can now in this job you hate, in the home you have outgrown, in the body you don’t want to look at in the mirror, in the relationship that has fallen apart. I can’t tell you what to do, but you know if you’re doing it.

If you can’t trust yourself to do what you know you should be doing, then it’s really hard to believe God is for you. God can’t be for our dishonesty with what we already have. So, the solution is, to be faithful here, now.

Do the entry level version of your billionaire dreams.

God is your partner, and he is FOR YOU. Dream those big dreams, then plant your seeds, Sis.

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