We are here to fall in love with a Holy God. That is the purpose of our lives. To grow closer to him, to know him, to discover his good plans for us, and to walk in his ways which lead to a total surrender with radical obedience. As we fall in love with God, we are transformed. Who we are changes. The desires of our heart change. Our true nature as designed by God is revealed, as the layers of who we have become fall away.

You want to know how to get on track with your life and stay on track … it is this … fall completely in love with God. He does the hard work of inner change for you, and then you’re supernaturally empowered to make the physical changes. Yes, the changes you’ve relentlessly tried in your own power to make, and feel powerless to continue. Now, God wants to do his work.

Our God is a gentleman. He is gracious and kind and so very patient with us. He doesn’t come in with a dumptruck of shame and guilt to change our hearts. He shows up with a dumptruck of totally undeserved and unmerited grace and mercy that overwhelms us with acceptance.

Honey, God has always loved you. He’s always wanted you. He’s never once gazed upon you with eyes of conviction. He’s not shaking his head in disapproval over you, he’s extending his hand of invitation to you. He says, “Come on in my girl, let’s heal this.”

Yes, heal you. Heal what has been broken. Heal what is causing this pain in your life. Heal what has created this habit, this distance, this ache. How does God heal you? With his love. His all-covering, 100% sufficient, all-inclusive, love.

Have you ever been to an all-inclusive resort? It’s all included. You pay once, and everything you need and want is covered. Jesus paid for your eternal entrance to God’s all-inclusive resort! Everything is covered for you.

Every past screw up, every current struggle, every doubt, every moment of wavering, every insecurity and every weakness. It’s all covered. That’s the power of God’s love in your life. Have you received it?

I’m discovering receiving this indescribable love of God is really a life-long journey. It’s not a one time realization. It’s every unfolding to reveal more than you could ever imagine, perfectly sized to engulf you in wholeness.

Receiving his love, and falling in love with him, creates a genuine change in your character.

If you were once insecure, God develops confidence. If you were once jealous, God centers you. If you were once co-dependent, God creates a shift. If you were once weak, God strengthens you. If you were only drawn to toxic relationships, God heals you so you’re no longer continually trying to fill that hole. If you were once addicted, God releases that grip on you and forever change your desires.

One of my favorite examples of God’s love in action is the real life, radical healing of addiction in my friend’s husband. He had been addicted to alcohol for over 20 years, and it had successfully destroyed every area of his life. He had tried countless times to overcome his addiction, but each time it would come back with a stronger hold than the last time. But one encounter with the love of God changed him forever.

As he sat in his car outside of the liquor store, preparing to go in and buy his next poisonous fix that would surely create more chaos and damage, he felt the physical hand of God on his shoulder. This was a hand of love. A hand of a father who reached out to his son, with gentleness and life changing power at the same time. A hand that said, “My son, I have better plans for you, and my love can heal you completely.”

That night, for the first time ever, he drove away from the liquor store without alcohol, and his healing began.

It’s been years since this encounter, and this son of God wakes up every day healed from his previous addiction. The desire has been radically lifted only as a result of God’s love.

And honey, that’s what God wants to do for you. He wants to lift any negative desire from your life, and replace it perfectly with his desires. He wants to welcome you to his all-inclusive buffet of life with every beautifully aligned opportunity for living the abundantly full and overflowing life Jesus came to give you.

What do you need lifted? Bring that to God now, and hear him say, “My girl, I have better plans for you, and my love can heal you completely.” Oh how Jesus just wants to heal his girl. He doesn’t want you struggling your way through one more day and one more failed attempt. He wants to bring you to his all-inclusive resort of abundance and reveal to you a freedom of life you have never experienced before.

God is bold and adamant that he changes lives. He dives head first into the impossible with his love, and changes the trajectory of a life with a single touch. And if God can do it for one, he can do it for you. If he did it for my friend’s husband, he can do it for yours. If he did it for my child, he can do it for yours. Any addiction, any hurt, any habit, any regret, any guilt, any shame, any darkness, any affliction, any wound … HE CAN DO IT AND HE WANTS TO DO IT!

We can’t do this on our own. The love of God is what transforms our heats and minds, shifting our desires from within. Every day of our life, we are walking in an ongoing work, molding us into the image of Jesus.

2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away, behold, the new has come.”

This is the new you, empowered by Jesus, with a total freedom from every temptation the enemy has used against you in the past. This new you has different desires, desires that align with an overflowing life of God’s goodness. This new you is healed fully, and walking in complete restoration. Every day is the next step in that journey. There’s not a single part of the old you that gets to hold you back. That’s gone.

Ezekiel 36:26 “I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you.”

Yes, that’s a new way of looking at life and responding to life. A new way of waking up. A new way of being. This is what God has for you.

So, now, our job is to open ourselves up to fall more in love with God, and in the process, be transformed and healed. Be restored and renewed. Be changed in all the ways we could never change ourselves. Begin that journey of love today. Jesus declared you’re worth it.

Don’t be surprised if on this beautiful journey, you start feeling different about things and you start being pulled away from what was once just normal for you. That’s God’s transforming work. Let him work. Follow his guide. Belly up to the buffet of goodness he has prepared for you, in a life more open and expansive than you ever imagined.

Let your healing begin here.

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