Living under the direction of God’s mighty Spirit, and being guided by his divine promptings, creates a life of great adventure. With God, we have a boldness and confidence to take risks. With him, we experience freedom from the fear of others’ opinions and our unsure next steps.

Do you live in that faith place? The place where you are fully surrendered and totally dependent on God coming through for you. The place where you are out in the deeps, over your head, counting on a water walking Jesus to empower you to do things you’ve never been able to do before.

Anything less than this faith place, is a settled place falling short of the potential God designed you with. That settled place where things are more safe, more certain, and more comfortable, leaves you with that unimpressed feeling about life where you question if there’s more.

Is that how you feel? You’re wondering if there’s more to this life for you. Feeling empty and unfulfilled? YES THERE’S MORE! Immeasurably more than you could ever ask or imagine. And the only way you get to experience it is by the guidance of God’s Spirit which will always take you to uncomfortable places!

But, we’ve been tricked into believing comfort is king. Comfort is the destination we’re striving for. Comfort is a sign of arriving. But we’re confused about that destination. You’ve arrived alright, but what you don’t realize about this destination of comfort is you’ve arrived to a soul-sucking prison that has silenced the promptings of God’s Spirit. You’re not living a great adventure with your Creator in the great unknown, you’re freaking comfortable with a plan you think you’re in control of. It looks good on the outside, but dang does it suck on the inside.

Psalm 23: 5 “You prepare a feast before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows with blessings.”

We all want the feast, but we forfeit the feast because we’re running from the uncomfortable presence of our enemies. Every time you avoid discomfort, you forfeit your feast. God wants to fill your cup to overflowing. More joy than you could possibly imagine. More blessings than you could ever contain. So much purpose and passion that you spring up out of bed with energy! But, many times we’re not living in the overflow because we’ve avoided the presence of our enemies.

Your enemy represents the threat to your purpose. The threat to your comfort. The problem in your way. The battle you feel entirely too inadequate and unequipped to ever proceed in. The risk that’s too great.

Yeah, you have that threat in your life right now? The problem that’s stressing you out. The uncertainty that’s been stealing your peace. The struggle that you’re too ashamed to reveal to anyone. Well here’s what you need to know … it’s in the presence of that threat that God prepares a FEAST FOR YOU.

Stop running from this and see the overflowing abundance of provision God has for you here.

When has God given you permission to be miserable in this battle? When has he ever instructed you to dwell in overwhelm and play out the worst case scenarios in your head? When has he told you to give up? When has he told you to settle for familiar and go no further? Never. That’s not of God.

What is of God is a table with a feast prepared for you right in the middle of this. God’s provision in sweeter, more personal and direct ways that ever before. That’s what’s here for you. Go ahead and belly up to this table and receive what he has for you!

I’ve found joy in the presence of struggle. I’ve found peace in the middle of grief. I’ve found strength in the middle of battle. I’ve found excitement in the middle of total uncertainty. And once I decided to feast on what God was offering me even in the unfavorable circumstances, sure enough, my cup began to overflow in absolute abundance. Yes, an abundance of the priceless things only God can provide.

Imagine being led into a battle, heavy with your armor, growing weary from the fight, hungry and exhausted, and just as you come face to face with your enemies in the place you most didn’t want to be, you find a table with an absolute feast prepared for you. Do you sit in confidence and receive what has been provided for you here, or are you so consumed with the presence of your enemy that you pass the feast and run in avoidance? Do you hide in fear? Do you worry yourself sick? Do you wallow in overwhelm?

God says, pause in the presence of this threat and receive what I have for you here. Sit down in confidence and receive his provisions as the enemy stares you down.

What this once again tells me is misery is not God’s design for me. Regardless of the circumstances, he has provisions for me and I am totally and completely covered. I can dwell in peace. I can pause and receive his provisions. I can be confident in his providence over everything concerning me. The feast is here for me to enjoy even in the middle of the battle.

And when I accept the offering of the prepared table with a feast that includes joy and happiness, strength and peace, grace and mercy, and divinely directed next steps, then I am ready to face my enemies and be the warrior God declared I would be. This is how I become more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus! I receive provisions that don’t make sense in the face of things I would rather avoid. Those provisions then enable me to move forward instead of backing down.

This is that faith place. The place we are meant to be in. The place that’s out in the deep, over our heads, totally dependent on a water walking Jesus to show us the way and lead us on a life of adventure.

Welcome to you faith place. There’s a feast prepared here for you, and that feast is not found in the absence of your enemies, it’s found in their presence. God has an overflowing abundance for you here. Receive it with confidence!

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