I heard it today while walking on Sunset Beach in Hawaii. A mother turns to her young son and says, “Stop, no and don’t.” The way those words flowed so freely from her mouth told me this is something she says often. “Stop, no and don’t.”

It’s a triple shut down. I can just imagine the defeat this young boy must feel. Like he can’t do anything right. Like nothing is available to him. Like everything is off limits. Stop, no and don’t.

Sometimes life feels this way. I wonder why? Why do we stop what we started? Why do we always assume the answer is no? Why don’t we try? Why are we numb to life and playing little? Why do we live in assumed defeat when victory is undeniably ours through Jesus.

My Spirit jumped hearing that mother’s words on the beach. In that moment, God asked me to tell his girls something different. Different than the “stop, no and don’t” you’ve been hearing, you’ve been believing, and you’ve been saying.

I grew up thinking a life lived for God would be a whole lot of “Stop, no and don’t.” Maybe you did too. Maybe that’s what kept you from pursuing a relationship with your Creator, because you didn’t want more rules to hold you back. But here’s what I’ve discovered over the past 30 years of getting to know Jesus, he’s a whole lot more “Go, yes and let’s do it” than we’ve ever given him credit for.

Seriously, look at the life of Jesus here on Earth. Was he a “no” man? Did he take pleasure in being a joy kill? Did he show up on the scene and shut down the happiness? Did he hold people back and put them in little boxes? No. Never. I can’t find a single example of Jesus assigning us to a boring and limited existence.

His invitation was to a life bigger and better than our mind could possibly imagine. His mission was to give us life, and life to the full. Full lives are not consumed with “Stop, no and don’t.”

Full lives are driven by a holy “Go, yes and let’s do it!”

All Jesus requires of you is a “Yes, Lord!” Yes, I’ll go wherever you lead. Yes, I’ll go all in on the things you say yes to. Yes, I’ll partner with you in living the purposes you lead me to.

Jesus said to his disciples in Matthew 4:19, ““Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

It was a “Go, yes and let’s do it” from Jesus. And one by one, as the fishermen left their boats and their nets and said, “Yes, Lord”, they were supernaturally guided on their journey. They stepped into a purpose greater than they could imagine. Their lives mattered, and they still matter today!

What could Jesus do with our “Yes, Lord?” What greater purpose could he guide us to? What “Go, yes and let’s do it” has he divinely aligned for you, simply awaiting your faith filled first step?

God told Noah to build a big butt boat to prepare for torrential downpours when the Earth had likely never even seen rain before. He gave him very specific instructions for the boat’s construction. He told him to gather 2 of every animal, along with his family, and get in the boat. NONE OF THAT MADE A LICK OF SENSE.

But God said, “Noah, go, yes and let’s do it.” Genesis 6:22 says “Noah did everything just as God commanded him.” That’s a “Yes, Lord.”

And just as God had told Noah, the whole earth flooded and the only surviving life would be in the boat Noah built in faith.

What could God do with our faith in the face of a prompting that makes absolutely no sense? How could he use us? Who could he save through our willingness to respond with an unshakable yes?

The fishermen Jesus invited to follow him were ordinary men. Noah was an ordinary man with an ordinary family. Mary, the mother of Jesus was an ordinary young girl. It was their “Yes, Lord” that changed everything.

Where is God saying “Go, yes and let’s do it” in your life? What is he inviting you into? What good plans has he prepared for you, but the only way you will ever get to see them unfold is to step into them now where it still doesn’t make sense.

Will you trust God’s “go”?
Will you stop doubting God’s “yes”?
And will you partner with God’s “let’s do it”?

Your “Yes, Lord” is all that is needed here. You don’t need to understand how it will all work out. You don’t need to feel equipped or qualified for the journey. You don’t need to have special talents or superstar qualities. That’s all God’s job.

It’s God’s job to understand how it will work out.
It’s God’s job to do the equipping.
It’s God’s job to be the star of the show and do big things.

We’re here as available vessels for him to do impossible works through in any way he wants.
We’re here to give him credit and praise.
We’re here to go where he says to go.
We’re here to believe everything he has said yes to.
We’re here to partner with him in the work he wants to do and stop limiting ourselves.

To the little boy on the beach today who was told, “Stop, no and don’t”, I pray he hears his Creator saying, “Go, yes and let’s do it!” I pray he doesn’t view life as a big disappointment of all he can’t do. I pray he doesn’t allow defeat to take over his zest for life and assign him a settled position falling short of the full life Jesus wants to give him.

And my sister, I pray the same for you.

Your Creator says, “Go, yes, and let’s do it!”

Won’t you dare to respond in excitement and faith, reaching beyond your own limitations, and say “Yes, Lord!

Yes, I will go.
Yes, I will believe everything you have for me.
Yes, I will partner with you and do impossible things through your Spirit at work within me!

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