Have you been exhausting yourself trying to do what you were never meant to do alone? Have you been showing up in your own power and might, and wondering why you always come up short? Girl, have you been trying to do what only God can do? Have you slipped into your super woman suit, trying to do all the things for all the people, and failing miserably?

Take off the cape, Sis. That was never yours to wear.

I have a friend who’s about 10 steps ahead of me on her journey with God. Her faith is inspiring and God literally shows off through her acts of radical obedience. Recently she had asked me to pray over a situation with her. I responded with, “Yes, I will pray. Tell me what else I can do.” Her response was short and it was powerful, and it totally blew me away. She said, “God will do it.”

Oh, GOD will do it. Not Pamela. It’s not Pamela’s wise words that will help the situation. It’s not Pamela arriving on the scene to push on the mountain and make it move. Pamela needs to get over herself and recognize, GOD WILL DO IT.

Something totally unexpected happened in that moment. I felt a weight lift from my shoulders. I felt pressure released. A burden was replaced by a blessed assurance that my job was to talk to God about it, God would do what only God can do.

Come on, I can’t be the only one who immediately assumes they’re supposed to fix everyone and everything. I can’t be the only one who thinks every problem is my responsibility to get in the middle of with some sort of solution.

I’m beginning to realize that all this time I’ve placed entirely too much value on what I have to offer in my works. And in the process, I’ve assumed burdens that were never mine to carry. I’ve taken on missions that were not my own. I’ve tried to fix what I could never fix. This isn’t about me, and it’s not about you. It’s about our God being mighty and sovereign, with all the power in the world to do exactly what needs to be done.

You don’t need to fix anyone. Instead, the best thing you can do is point them to the one who fixed you.

If someone needs saving, you are not suited for that job. That’s a job for Jesus. Your job is to point them towards Him.

You are not dismissed from being his hands and feet when he prompts you, however you are dismissed from thinking this has absolutely anything to do with you. Some of us are walking around with a Savior Complex, thinking we have to save everyone. And guess what … we are exhausted. We’re like the little girl trying to walk in her mama’s high heels that are 7 sizes too big. You’re not getting anywhere very fast, now are you? Girl, you’re going to hurt yourself. Step out of the shoes that are WAY TOO BIG FOR YOU.

What is the situation you’ve been trying to insert yourself into as the answer? YOU’RE NOT. You are not the answer. You are not the solution. You are not the savior here. God will do this. If he invites you to partner with him, then yippeeeee, but remember, it’s still not your show.

Psalm 37:5 “Commit your way to the LORD; trust in Him, and He will do it.”

Well that’s pretty clear now isn’t it? GOD WILL DO IT. What’s your role in this? Commit your way to him and trust him. What’s his role? HE WILL DO THE DOING! He will make happen whatever needs to happen. He will move the mountains. He will change people. He will heal what is broken. He will make a way. Not you.

The Message Translation of this scripture says, “Open up before God, keep nothing back; he’ll do whatever needs to be done.”

You know the parts of your life that you’ve been holding back? The parts you’ve been trying to do all on your own? The parts where your pride and your control are held tightly? The part where you have these big lofty dreams and ideas that constantly discourage you because they’re not happening. Yeah … that’s the exact thing keeping God from doing what needs to be done here. Girl, get out of the way!

When our way is committed to God, with each step, we are made right with God. We walk in supernatural alignment with the good plans of our Heavenly Father, leading to destinations we don’t even know about yet. He is doing it, we’re just choosing to stay committed to him.

Will you commit to God? Will you lift your foot in faith and trust him to guide your next step? Will you respond to his promptings with radical obedience, always remembering it’s not you who will be doing big and powerful things, it’s God. He does the doing. Sometimes we’re so blessed to be a vessel for what he is doing, but may we always remember the vessel is empty and useless without the substance inside.

Here’s the thing. God doesn’t need another pretty vessel sitting on a shelf empty. We’ve somehow made our entire existence about our appearance, when I assure you, God wants to use you whether you look good in your stretchy pants or not!

But remember, when God chooses to use you, it was NEVER about your talent, your looks, or your goodness. It is always and only about you being an available vessel for his power. GOD WILL DO IT, NOT YOU.

Yesterday, I mentioned a book I read over 10 years ago called “Heaven Is For Real”. Interestingly enough, now I realize I really never read the entire book, I sped read through as much of it as I could back then standing in a Target. What I did read has forever impacted me. Yesterday I came to realize there was so much more for me to read about this 4 year old’s account of going to Heaven, then returning to tell about it.

Leslie listened to the devotional, she got the book immediately and started reading. Then, she sent me screen shots of a few pages. What I read once again blew my mind. The little boy shared how he saw Jesus shooting down power to his Daddy. His Daddy was a preacher who continually prayed before speaking, saying, “God, if you don’t help this morning, this message is going to fail.” Sounds simple, but Jesus’ response was a shot of power and this little boy saw it! That power being shot down is the Holy Spirit. Now, think about that for a second.

Jesus shoots down power through his Holy Spirit to enable us. It’s not us, it’s HIS POWER.

Have we been taking on the responsibility and pressure thinking it’s us that has to show up and do all these things? Have we become puffed up in our own pride and position, and in the process layered on pressure and weight that is literally killing us?

Girl, drop it. This isn’t about you. God’s going to do what only God can do. And if he wants you to do something with him, he’s going to supernaturally shoot down some power to you!

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