Proverbs 31: 17 & 25 “She is energetic and strong,a hard worker. She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”

Proverbs 31 gives us much of an outline of the woman we were each created to be. In both of these verses, our strength is referenced. Let me tell you something, you are a STRONG woman. You are fully capable with the power of God in you. Whatever it is you are facing, YOU CAN DO THIS.

The enemy wants you to believe you are weak. He strips you of your confidence and tells you that you can’t. He tells you that you will fail. He tells you that you’ll never change and you will always struggle. He tells you what you did will never be forgiven. He tells you it’s too late. But the devil’s a liar. I challenge you to choose carefully who you believe today.

This scripture says “she is energetic and strong.” You. You are energetic and strong. You do have energy. Energy to do exactly what you need to do today. Strength to show up and live well today. God has supplied it, now it’s up to you to use it. The funny thing about energy and strength, it rarely shows up when you’re wearing your “giving up on life pants.” Yes I said it … girl get dressed today. Today is not the day to wear you “giving up on life pants.” Maybe they’re pajama pants or yoga pants or sweat pants … those pants that are so comfortable they make you want to sit in comfort all day. Today is not the day for those pants. Show up for this day of life like you’re ready to live it.

God tells us that the woman he created us to be is a hard worker. I bet you have a mama or a grandma or perhaps an aunt that was a hard worker. Did you ever notice that she did more in 1 day than we do in an entire week, and yet she didn’t complain?

My grandma was a single mother to 3 girls, all born right in a row, less than 1 year apart from each baby. She woke up every morning and milked the cow and gathered eggs before she got on a bus to go to her full time job. When she came home from work she would kill, pluck and cook the chicken herself. And the laundry, all done by hand and hung on a freezing clothes line in the winter to dry as a block of ice. And every morning she would get up and do it again. Without complaint. Grandma was a hard worker.

And me … whew, do I ever have my perception of hard work tainted. Really, did I work hard yesterday? Do I have any resemblance of this kind of hard work in my days? Do you?

But it’s not just the work we do, it’s how we do it. God is calling us to be the kind of women who show up and do what needs to be done, without complaint and without resentment. Do you know why? Because hard work makes us feel good about ourselves. When you EARNED that paycheck, when you EARNED that clean house, when you EARNED that progress and success, you FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF. God designed you to NEED to work hard. He designed you to be strong and use every ounce of energy he supplies to you to do good work.

Will you do good work today? In real clothes. Without complaint?

Let’s go back to our scripture in Proverbs 31 again. “She is energetic and strong, a hard worker. She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” The woman God created you to be laughs without fear. What a concept. Laughs without fear. A woman who doesn’t care what everyone else thinks. This is a woman who is confident. Confident in who she was created to be, confident in the good work she does, and confident in her mighty God.

This is who God wants you to be. He wants you to be able to find joy today, then actually ENJOY it. Enjoy it without fear that it may not last forever. You can get over that fear because girl, I can promise you, it won’t last forever. Your kids will never again be as young as they are today. You will never again be as young as you are today. So you know what, we need to laugh without fear today. We need to soak this up because it’s all going to pass.

How sad would it be to look back one day and realize we didn’t fully live this season of our life. That there was a preciousness to it that we simply missed. We were too busy complaining about all that has to be done, all the places we need to be, all that is unfair and too hard. AND THIS IS NOT WHAT GOD WANTS FOR YOU.

You are God’s girl. Now show up for life and live it today. Live it as the strong woman you were created to be. Use the energy God has given you. The first measure of energy can be used to get dressed like a woman who is excited to be alive. Be a hard worker today – not a disgruntled worker. Meet every task with a “can do” attitude and a sense of gratitude that you GET to. Behind every burden is a big ol’ blessing. Don’t miss it.

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