What if you could be wildly successful in this new month of life? What would that look like for you?

Did you know God has success designed for each of us? You know those good plans for our lives he talks about in Jeremiah 29:11, yeah, those plans are for success. The problem is, we’ve twisted success to mean things that take us farther away from God instead of closer to him.

Success is not always overflowing business … not if that business wears you out. Success is not always toned legs and an ab or two that pops out on your perfectly flat tummy … not if that becomes your identity. Success is not always a list of goals achieved … not if that becomes your obsession.

Success is actually the same for you and I. Regardless of where you live and what you do, and how different it may be from where I currently am, we share the same success. Success is knowing and doing God’s will. Success is walking in the flow of his divine power to be right where you’re supposed to be naturally. Success is becoming who God created you to be.

This is success.

You know why? Because who God created you to be is who you really want to be. By design, all your desires are directly connected to God’s vision for your life. When you’re living as who God created you to be, you feel different, you show up different, and life becomes different. You feel good in your own skin. All this time you’ve been wanting to trade skin with someone else and have a life that looks more like theirs, but it’s your skin that fits just right when you’re growing to become who God created you to be.

Nothing feels better than living in a trajectory of your God granted destiny. Nothing feels better than walking in your purpose. Nothing feels better than watching your life transform to become what God envisioned when he created you.

This is success. And I’m telling you, YOU WANT IT!

You want to wake up with purpose.

You want your every step to be guided supernaturally.

You want to love the life you live and the woman you are in that life.

And I assure you, God wants that for you.

God is not playing some wicked game of cat and mouse, dangling success in front of you, only to take it away from you before you get there. He’s not trying to trick you into a life you will be miserable in. He’s not punishing you or withholding from you.

Mamas, how badly do you want good things for your own kids? How much do you want them to be successful? Don’t you want them to find their people, find their groove, and walk boldly into a ridiculously good life? Think about that, then know God feels the same way, and even more, about you.

Now here’s the real eye opening moment. As much as I want these good things for my children, I can’t give it to them. I can’t always help them find their people. They’re going to go through heartache and let down. They will choose the wrong people, then try to fix the wrong people and lose themselves along the way. (Oh wait, am I just speaking from personal experience here? Maybe there aren’t any other moms who have watched their daughters try to fix every broken boy on a bad path, then be drug onto a bad path herself. Or maybe I’m not alone in this at all.) I can’t always give the perfect advice for the choice they should make, because quite honestly, I don’t know. I don’t know which career will be best for them. I don’t know where they should go to school or where they should live. I don’t know what they should do from here.

I give to my children from a less than perfect resource … which is me. I truly want what’s best for them, but I don’t always know what’s best.

But God is perfect, and he has every resource ever created. He owns it all and controls it all. He knows the end from the beginning. It’s all within his hands and obeys his command. So, if God always wants what’s best for us (which he does), then coming to him for guidance is the key! God gives from his all, and his all is everything we will ever need.

He knows exactly who are people are, we just have to ask him.

He knows precisely where we will thrive, we just have to be led by him.

He has always known what will be so perfectly right for us, we just have to seek him.

Acts 20: 22-24, Luke writes, “But there is another urgency before me now. I feel compelled to go to Jerusalem. I’m completely in the dark about what will happen when I get there. I do know that it won’t be any picnic, for the Holy Spirit has let me know repeatedly and clearly that there are hard times and imprisonment ahead. But that matters little. What matters most to me is to finish what God started: the job the Master Jesus gave me of letting everyone I meet know all about this incredibly extravagant generosity of God.”

Luke was a man who was led by God. He said he felt “compelled” to go to Jerusalem. That’s how God’s Holy Spirit works. It compels us. It prompts us. It stirs a next step within us.

And there are two more lessons for us to learn in this scripture from Luke.

  1. He didn’t have to know what would happen when he followed this prompting. He released all details and control. His life was lived in surrender. If God compels me to go, I will go.
  2. He made friends with hard times. Luke knew going where God was telling him to go wouldn’t be easy, but he went any way. Our problem is, we’re seeking easy a whole lot more than we’re seeking God. We want God to pave the way for us, but if there’s a bump along the way, we’re so quick to dismiss the path as if it’s not for us. This wasn’t easy, so it can’t be what God has for me. WRONG. This is hard? This may be exactly what God has for you, because this hardship was designed for God’s power to flow through you perfectly, Sis. Stop giving up just because it’s hard.

Luke knew what his job was. He knew his purpose. He was living in success. Success is knowing and doing God’s will. Success is becoming who you were created to be.

Now the question, how do you know God’s will so you can do it? How do you discover who you were created to be?

It’s really quite simple, Sis, and you can start doing it today. In fact, you already are. The simple fact that you are listening today tells me you’re doing it. You pressed play today because you want to spend time with God. You want to grow closer to him. You want to know more of his word. And really, that’s it.

Spend time with God. Draw closer to him. Study his word.

How about some scripture throw down?

Psalm 25: 4-5 “Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.”

Psalm 25: 9 “He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way.”

Proverbs 3: 5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

Matthew 6:33 “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

God is serious about guiding you to the good plans he has for you. God is personally invested in leading you to success in this life.

A mind thinks differently when it has spent time with God. Eyes see differently when they’ve studied his word. Our spirit is pinged with promptings of which way to go and what to do when we are continually seeking God.

And that’s really how it happens.

Plain and simple.

God has success for you. Success that will fit you better than anything you’ve ever tried before. Success that will fill you with energy and passion. Success that will have you overflowing with joy. Stepping into that success and dwelling in it every day of your life is 100% contingent upon spending time with God, drawing closer to him, and studying his word.

As you consider your goals for this new month of life, will you make time for God? He has success for you in June, but it only comes through him.

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