The battle you’re in right now has already been won by God. He already has a plan. He’s already seen the end. He already knows the victory ahead while you just know the struggle you continue to be in.

We can get so overwhelmed in the fight, but God has never been overwhelmed. He’s never been worried about the odds. He’s never been backed in a corner with no options. In fact, the greater the odds against you and the smaller the chances for you, the bigger God gets to show his power. And maybe, just maybe, as the odds seem to be stacking up against you, threatening to overwhelm you, God is reveling in the fact that his power will be that much more evident when he brings you through this.

As your chances get smaller and smaller, as the clock is ticking and time seems to be running out, as every last idea you did have fails, maybe God is holding the one thing that will work, and he’s about to turn it over to you. Are you ready for the thing that will work? Are you ready for God’s plan that will lead to victory?

Welp … you’re probably not going to like it in the beginning.

Gideon was facing a battle. A battle of his 32,000 men, versus the Midianite’s 135,000. He was outnumbered over 4 times in what would be a hand to hand combat. Impossible. Overwhelming. Ridiculous. Yet, God called Gideon to gather his soldiers.

And God is calling you to gather what you have. Stop convincing yourself that what you have and what you can do will never be enough. Stop dismissing yourself from what God wants to do in you and through you, right in the middle of overwhelming odds. And girl, stop giving up when the numbers first start going against you. When things first get worse, you can’t assume defeat is certain. What if God is just preparing you to see his impossible work through this, and first, he wants to remove any doubt in the way.

Gideon was grossly outnumbered facing a battle that would require a miracle. But God asked Gideon for a step of faith that would sound absolutely ridiculous.

Judges 7: 2-3 “The Lord said to Gideon, “You have too many men. I cannot deliver Midian into their hands, or Israel would boast against me, ‘My own strength has saved me.’ Now announce to the army, ‘Anyone who trembles with fear may turn back and leave.’” So twenty-two thousand men left, while ten thousand remained.”

Gideon’s numbers are going backwards, and maybe that’s what has been happening to you. It’s getting worse instead of better. The odds are stacking against you instead of for you. Your chances are diminishing and so is your hope. But, my sister, God is still working!

Now Gideon has only 10,000 men to face 135,000 of his enemies. He’s outnumbered over 13 times! 1 against 13? No one moves forward with those odds. Nope, not even God. Even God says 1 against 13 wasn’t good enough. So, what does God do?

Judges 7: 4-6 “But the Lord said to Gideon, “There are still too many men. Take them down to the water, and I will thin them out for you there. If I say, ‘This one shall go with you,’ he shall go; but if I say, ‘This one shall not go with you,’ he shall not go.” So Gideon took the men down to the water. There the Lord told him, “Separate those who lap the water with their tongues as a dog laps from those who kneel down to drink.” Three hundred of them drank from cupped hands, lapping like dogs. All the rest got down on their knees to drink.”

And with this, God told Gideon to let the greater number go and only keep 300 with him. Wait, what? God made it even worse! Gideon’s original 32,000 went to 10,000, now he’s down to just 300! What in the world is Gideon supposed to do with only 300 men, versus the enemy’s 135,000? That’s 1 against 450. That’s not only ridiculous, that’s simply impossible.

What does God expect Gideon to do with only 300 men? The same thing God expects you to do in your circumstances that have only been getting worse. The same thing God expects you to do in impossible odds. The same thing he expects you to do when time has run out and it simply makes no sense. He expects you to TRUST HIM.

What God says to Gideon next is what you and I most need to hear today. Judges 7: 7 “The LORD told Gideon, “With these 300 men I will rescue you and give you victory over the Midianites. Send all the others home.”

God is speaking with complete authority over an impossible battle that hasn’t even happened yet. God has already declared the victory. And God had designed the victory with odds that would never make sense.

Hear God today as he says to you, “I will rescue you and give you victory. I will use you and what little you have left to bring victory. Stop trying to make sense of this and trust me.”

You need to know God speaks of your battles in past tense. He’s already made the way. He’s already aligned the victory. He’s already overcome every single thing that stands in your way right now as a threat. Honey, this is already done.

You’re watching the time pass thinking every day gives you less chances. You’re watching things get worse thinking holding on to hope is ridiculous. But God never needed the odds to be in your favor. He never needed you to have it all together. He never needed your perfect track record and unwavering self-discipline. What he needs is your trust.

Your trust that watches the odds get worse and the time get less, and STILL believe God will do it for you. Still believe God can do it through you and through whatever you have left. Still believe that in God’s hands, the time that is left, the people that are left, the money that is left, and the chances that are left, are more than enough. And the less you have left, the more you will know it was God!

I have some battles in my life that I sure wish would have ended years ago. Battles that only seem to have dwindling odds of favor and greater difficulty. But God has not released me from the battle. He has not given me permission to give up. He has promised victory to me, and he’s promised victory to you. So girls, we can’t give up.

No matter how little is left. No matter how big the battle. No matter the odds. God can do what only God can do, and God is doing something! I still believe it!

God was doing something when Gideon’s army went from 32,000 to only 10,000. Just like God is doing something when your bank account went from that much to only this much. God was doing something when Gideon’s army went from 10,000 to only 300. Just like God is doing something when your bad got a whole lot worse.

This isn’t over. You must still believe.

God is speaking in complete authority over your battle. He will rescue you. He will give you victory.

It doesn’t matter if today is another day where I still can’t seen anything happening. It doesn’t matter if another thing is taken from me that I’ve been holding on to. None of that matters when God has complete authority over the battle.

And he does.

He has already gone before you, my sister. He has gone before your family. He has made a way through this. He is actively rescuing you. He is aligning a victory that your mind cannot dream of or imagine. Just don’t lose hope in overwhelming odds. You need ONE, and that ONE is God, and he’s right here for you!

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