God is working, and you’ve been overlooking it. He’s moving, but you’ve failed to see it. His power has been in motion, but you’re not seeing the effects. You think everything is just staying the same. You think nothing is happening now and therefore nothing will ever happen. But Sis, you’re wrong.

Oh, there is something happening. Something great! Something profound. Something miraculous. You just can’t give up in the process!

The Chinese Bamboo tree holds a Guinness World Record as the fastest growing plant. In one day, it can grow up to 35 inches. That equals 1.5 inches per hour. You can literally sit and watch this bamboo tree grow. Amazing.

Don’t you wish your life was like that? Don’t you wish things would change right in front of your eyes, minute by minute? Don’t you wish by the end of the day you would see massive growth and change?

But, you don’t, do you? You woke up today feeling like it’s going to be another day of maximum effort and minimal results. You dread what today will require of you, and already feel bitter about the results you have coming your way. You know no matter how much laundry you do today, at the end of the day there will still be more. Nothing ever really changes for you. And no, I’m not just talking about laundry.

You feel stuck. You feel unimpressed. And maybe you’ve checked out.

But here’s what you need to know about the fastest growing plant in the world … for the first 4 years, it did absolutely nothing. For 4 years, the seed of the Chinese Bamboo lay in the ground with zero signs of growth. It didn’t break through the ground, it didn’t sprout up, it didn’t grow AT ALL.

Year one, you water it and care for it, and you get nothing.

Year two, you still water it and care for it, and still you get nothing.

Year three, you question why you’re still watering and caring for something that isn’t growing, but you do it any way.

Year four, honey there is still absolutely nothing and people think you’re crazy. Nothing is ever going to happen.

But, after the fourth year, sudden and extreme growth happens. Where care had been given for four long years, suddenly results are seen.

What was happening all this time under the ground? A root system was growing. Preparation for breakthrough. Without this root system, the future growth of 35 inches a day could never be held.

Your change is coming, my sister. Breakthrough is on it’s way. You just can’t see it yet. Our prayer today is, “Lord, don’t let me give up on what you’ve been working on in the unseen.”

The Lord says in Isaiah 43:19 “For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.”

It’s not that God hasn’t been working on this situation of yours all along, because honey, he has! He’s always been working on this. It’s just been underground, root system work. Core work. Soul work. But what God is saying is, I’ve already been doing the work, you just can’t give up in the preparation time where you can’t see it.

What has God been doing in the unseen for you? BIG THINGS! Things your mind cannot imagine. Supernatural changes are on their way. World record growth in the exact place where you’ve been watering the ground with your tears of frustration saying nothing is changing.

Quit saying nothing is changing. Quit believing God isn’t working. Quit giving up on doing your part.

In year 1, if you quit watering the seed, you will never get your massive breakthrough. In year 2, if you quit watering, you forfeit your breakthrough. In year 3, although you feel justified to quit watering, if you do, you never see your breakthrough. And in year 4, when every ounce of you wants to quit watering this dang seed that still isn’t growing, if you quit, you never see your breakthrough. You have to water it. The entire time you see no change, you still water the seed.

How do you water this seed? You pray. And you keep praying.

Yes, in year 1 when you’re hopeful to see that little sprout come up any day.

Yes, in year 2 when you begin questioning why it’s taking so long. You keep praying.

Yes, in year 3 when you’re frustrated seeing everyone else’s bamboo growing like freaking crazy and you feel like you’re being punished. You keep praying.

Yes, in year 4 when you feel like you’ve prayed every prayer you can possibly pray and some days it’s all you can do to whisper the words again. You keep praying.

Your prayers are watering the seed that you can’t see growing. But God is already doing something deep within where you can’t see it, but it’s happening. The day will come when you see it. It will happen. Breakthrough will happen for you. Radical growth will happen right before your eyes. You will finally see what God has been doing as a result of the faithful watering of your prayers.

My son, Logan, is an absolute highlight of my life. He has my sense of adventure and pure love of life, he has my smile and dimples, with his Daddy’s brains and work ethic. He makes me so ridiculously proud. At 24 years old, he’s a Sargent in the US Army, newly married, living in Hawaii. Everyone loves that boy. Just yesterday he called his Daddy to ask for a detailed investment plan for his money, and then gave me a pep talk right before I went live to teach a mentoring session.

Mamas, you would be jealous of this one. That boy is a winner. You might look at him and compare him to your son who seems to be lost in life and wandering down the wrong path and feel extreme frustration and embarrassment. I know, because I used to do it too. You see, it wasn’t always this way with our boy. There were YEARS of watching that boy walk around with his head stuck squarely up his arse. There were YEARS of knowing he was making horrible choices. But those were just his seedling years. Those were the years nothing good was happening above the ground for Mama to see, but God was doing root work, preparing him for his future breakthrough. My job was to keep watering the seed with my prayers.

We see massive growth in him today, but it’s only after years of praying!

Don’t give up on your seedling. Don’t give up on this area of your life where nothing seems to be changing. You have no idea what God is already doing within.

Read that scripture again, thinking specifically of this frustrating situation you’ve been praying over. Put your name in this scripture and receive it as God’s personal message for you, his girl. “(Your name here, I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.”

What do you do today to partner in the work God is already doing that you cannot yet see? You water that seed with your prayers. You keep praying over it. You keep praying over him. You keep praying over her. Absolutely REFUSE to allow yourself to wallow in frustration over the time it is taking. Hey, the time is going to pass no matter what. Why not just keep praying? Why not just keep believing when God says he’s already begun working, that he absolutely has, regardless of what it may look like.

The day will come when suddenly there is a breakthrough and radical change happens right before your eyes. It’s not that God just started working then, it’s simply that you see what he’s been working on all along.

There’s root work happening right now. Preparation for future explosive growth and massive change. It’s core work. Soul work. And you don’t get to see it on the outside, but you get to pray for it on the inside.

Lord, don’t let me give up on what you’ve been working on in the unseen.

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