Oh, the things self-doubt is robbing from you. Just because you don’t feel qualified doesn’t mean it’s not in your destiny. Just because you dismiss yourself doesn’t mean God has dismissed you.

If you’ve been letting that little voice in your head talk you out of showing up, let me be straight up honest with you … you’re living less than you could be living. Your life is smaller than it was created to be. You’re missing out on opportunities God Almighty aligned for you and ordained as possible.

But that voice.

That voice is brutal, isn’t it? That voice reminds you of your past, of all the times you’ve tried and failed. Of all the times you said you would, but you didn’t. Of all the times you started strong and fizzled fast. So that voice now says, why even start again. Why would you actually believe this time will be any different for you? How would it possibly work now? You’re still the same you, so what could you do different?

That little voice tells you someone else would be better for the job. You’re just a nobody and you have nothing special to offer. No one ever chooses you. You will never get ahead in life.

That’s the voice of self-doubt. We all have it, just some of us listen to it more than others. Some of us allow that voice to override the other voice within us.

Did you know there’s another voice that says something totally different? There’s a voice that says you’re not who you once were. There’s a voice that says you’re strong and courageous and chosen. There’s a voice that says nothing shall be impossible. There’s a voice that says there’s a destiny for you beyond today’s circumstances and you are being equipped to walk in it.

This other voice is the voice of God’s Spirit which lives within you. But are you listening to the voice of God’s Spirit? Or are you dismissing it? Yes, this voice that tells you you are chosen, you are good enough, you do have the strength, and you can do this … what are you doing with that voice?

God warns us in Hebrews 3:8 “Today when you hear his voice, don’t harden your hearts as Israel did when they rebelled, when they tested me in the wilderness.”

Isn’t this exactly what we have done? We have hardened our hearts to the voice of the Holy Spirit within us that prompts us to show up and move forward. Now, Sis, you need to know what happens when you ignore God’s voice and you instead listen to the voice of self-doubt. You need to know because you certainly don’t want this to happen in your life.

God is saying, “don’t do what the Israelites did in the wilderness.” What did they do? They ignored the voice that reminded them of God’s promises and prompted them to move forward, and instead they became overwhelmed with the voice of ‘what if’ and fear.

The Israelites were promised a land flowing with milk and honey. However, to get there, they would have to travel through a harsh wilderness for a short time. Their short time in the wilderness turned into 40 years of wandering and generations dying in what was destined to be temporary but became permanent. Why did the wilderness become permanent? Because they listened to the wrong voice.

The voice of the Holy Spirit told them they could move forward. They could conquer their enemies. They could have everything God promised them. The voice of self-doubt told them it was too hard, they were too little, their enemies were too big, and they shouldn’t even try.

Hebrews 3:19, “So we see that they were not able to enter, because of their unbelief.” What caused their unbelief? Listening to their own voice of doubt over the voice of God. Listening to the wrong voice caused them to forfeited the life God had planned for them.

Did you know you could be doing that? You could be completely missing the good plans God has for you by listening to that little nagging voice inside of you that tells you you’re not good enough and you can’t do it. Girl, what are you missing?

Many years ago, I had a dream. In this dream, I came to the end of my life and I was standing before God. There, God began showing me a movie of my life here on Earth. Oh my gosh, it was a magnificent movie. It was filled with unspeakable beauty, deep connections and the greatest adventures. The movie of my life shown to me by God was incredible, but there was one problem, I couldn’t remember the best parts. The very best parts of the movie were missing from my memory. I asked God why the best parts felt so foreign to me and weren’t in my memories. And that is when God revealed to me I didn’t remember the best parts, because I didn’t choose the best parts. He had them aligned for me, destined for my lifetime, but I didn’t choose them, so I didn’t experience them. I had shorted myself. I had missed the fullness of life God was offering me. Why? Because of that little voice of self-doubt talking me out of so darn much.

So, I’ve been on a mission to silence that voice. I’m determined to live every adventure God has available for me. I want every connection and every ounce of beauty God has offered. And the one thing in the way is the voice of self-doubt that tells me I can’t. It tells me it’s too hard. It tells me I’m not good enough. Well, let me tell you, that little voice is very rarely even heard any more. Want to know how I silenced it? Simple … I started intentionally listening for the voice of God’s Spirit within me instead.

Every morning, I intentionally seek God’s voice. Every morning, I ask God to speak to me, then I sit down to listen. The more I do that, the louder his voice becomes. Now, he doesn’t just talk to me in the morning, he talks to me throughout the day. I hear him all the time. He prompts me continually. His voice is the loudest in my head. But, it didn’t just happen. I had to seek it, and I had to turn away from the other voice of my own self-doubt.

God warns us not to harden our hearts to his voice. So, what we need to do is soften our hearts to his voice again. Dare to believe that we are chosen. Dare to believe that we are being made new. Dare to believe that we are deemed worthy of good things. Dare to believe that we are here for a purpose and we have an important role to play.

Honey, you’ve got to start walking into the room like God sent you there! You’ve got to start believing that you DO belong, even when you don’t feel it. You have to silence the voice that tells you you’re not qualified with the voice that tells you you’re chosen. Because here’s the thing, if you’re chosen then God does the qualifying! When he calls you, he equips you. He didn’t call you because you’re already equipped. He equips you because you’re already called. Show up with that confidence! God will do the equipping. God will do the qualifying. My job is to listen to HIS voice and follow his lead. Walk right in like you belong there, because you do!

What has the voice of self-doubt taken from you? Entirely too much!

Just like it took the promise of a blessed land from the Israelites, it’s been taking the promise of a blessed life from you. Those good plans God has for you have been on the chopping block because you haven’t dared to believe you’re worthy of those good plans. How much longer will you let that happen? How much more will you forfeit? How much more of the best parts of the story of your life will you not even recognize because you didn’t choose it?

There’s one way to silence the voice of self-doubt. STOP LISTENING TO IT! Stop believing the nonsense. Stop entertaining the doubts and the fears. Don’t let you heart grow hardened. Don’t let the doubts become your truth.

Lord, keep our heart soft as we intentionally choose to listen for your voice. Spirit of God, prompt us. Speak to us. Give us the courage to listen, then dare to show up!

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