Have you ever been so afraid to make a choice because you don’t want to make the wrong one? So afraid to take the next step because you’re unsure of the step to take? Maybe that’s you right now. You have a decision to make. Stay or leave. Do this or do that. Go here or go there. And because you really don’t want to screw this up by doing the wrong thing, you’re stuck in indecision and overwhelm. And … you’re doing nothing.

Don’t you wish God was into flashing lights and billboards? Wouldn’t it be great if he would just make this so clear you couldn’t miss it? Even better, wouldn’t it make your life a whole lot easier if he would just make this choice for you? Is that what you’ve been waiting on … waiting for God to make the choice? Waiting for all other options to eliminate themselves so you don’t have to choose for yourself?

May I be completely honest with you? This is what God showed me today about our tendency to dismiss ourselves from the responsibility of making hard decisions and taking uncertain next steps. Hebrews 11:6, “Without faith, it is impossible to please God.”

If you knew the choice to make for certain, faith would not be required. If you had a clear sign and guaranteed outcome, faith would not be required. If God did it all for you and you were dismissed of any steps on your own, faith would not be required. And it’s impossible to please God without faith. God isn’t pleased with your waiting until the decision is made for you. God isn’t pleased with your refusal to take the next step until you are 100% certain.

Faith is required here. What is faith? According to Hebrews 11:1, It is confidence in what we hope for, but are not guaranteed. It is assurance in what we do not see, but believe it will be there when it needs to be there.

God is asking you to live with confidence! He’s asking you to trust the unseen and take the next step. Yes, even when you’re unsure. Yes, even when it could go wrong. Yes, even when there are no guarantees how it will turn out. This is living in faith, and this is what pleases God.

Here’s what I’ve learned in my journey of faith: Even when I take a misstep in faith, God honors my faith and blesses that step. Even when I do it wrong, my faith is rewarded. My God is so big, he can take my wrong steps made in faith and guide me to the right place. He can take steps that should have never ever led to a beautiful destiny, and mysteriously turn them into an unfolding journey to that divine destiny. How? Why? Because he is the God of making a way when there is no way.

So, if he is who he says he is and he does what he says he does in Isaiah 43:19, “I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland”, then doesn’t that mean he is making a way for you?

Doesn’t this mean you can trust him to guide your steps and even use your missteps?

Doesn’t this mean nothing is too hard for him? Nothing is impossible. And there’s absolutely no reason for you to feel stuck, overwhelmed, or discouraged here?

Doesn’t this mean you can take a step in faith, trusting God will use it no matter what?

Doesn’t this mean God will honor your faith filled step into the unknowing and he will make it right?

It takes zero faith to sit in indecision and do nothing. It requires no faith to pull the covers up over your head and refuse to face reality. Faith isn’t necessary when you continually delay next steps and decisions. It requires absolutely nothing of you to sit until all options are removed from you and decisions are made for you. And with all of this, God is not pleased nor impressed.

Pray about it. Seek God first. Tell him if he’s in it, you want it, and if he’s not, you don’t. Be still and listen. Then …. take your next step in faith.

Are you guaranteed it’s the right step? No. But you can have confidence that your faith filled step will be honored.

Will you immediately see where this step is leading you? No. But you can believe God is working in the unseen.

It is your faith that pleases God, and honey, when God is pleased with you, he parts seas to make a way for you! Even if you’re standing on the wrong shore, he responds to your faith filled steps and supernaturally guides you to the good plans he has for you. He will get you to where he wants you to go, and he will use your faith filled steps to get you there. YES, YOUR STEPS. The ones you’re totally uncertain about right now. The ones you’re so afraid to take. These are the steps he uses to bring you to his good plans for your future. The future that is filled with hope. The future that he planned for you long ago that prospers you.

You’ve been so worried you will miss God, but how can you miss God when he holds the entire world in the palm of his hand? He’s here and he’s in everything. You’re not missing him! And even your wrong steps haven’t taken you out of his sight.

Psalm 32:8, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.” Do you believe that for your own life? Have you accepted this as your truth? Is God’s loving eye really on you, or do you believe you’ve wandered too far from him? Do you believe your hiding has successfully hidden you from our great big God? Do you believe he’s turned his back on you, given up on you, withdrawn from you? NEVER! You are HIS girl, his beloved masterpiece, his chosen one who he sent his son to die for just so that you would be rescued. There’s no possible way he’s giving up on you!

Yes, his loving eye is still on you, even while you’re hiding. And yes, he is still guiding you in your decisions and teaching you the way you should go. And no, his good plans for your life have not been cancelled just because you’ve failed to take the right steps in the past or gotten a little lost along the way. You haven’t screwed this up beyond repair. GOD CAN WORK WITH THIS! Even when you’re in the wrong city, married to the wrong man, working the wrong job with the wrong friends, with years of wrong decisions under your belt, God still has the RIGHT thing for you.

How will you get to the right thing? Refuse to stay stuck in indecision. Refuse to do nothing. Take a step in faith.

God wants to guide your step, but the step is up to you. Guiding a planted foot that refuses to move is a matter of force, and guess what, God doesn’t force his will on his children. Free will has been given to you. If you want to stay stuck, staying stuck is an option. But God’s invitation to more and better is still here for you. Your lifted foot and faith filled next step is the only thing that will get you unstuck and on your way to what God has for you.

Will you always know exactly what to do? No. That’s why faith is required.

Will you always be 100% certain you’re doing the right thing? No. That’s why faith is required.

Will God be pleased with your lifted foot and next step of faith, even if it’s a little off? ABSOLUTELY. God can guide the lifted foot. He can steer the life in motion. He can make a way when we’re on our way.

2 Corinthians 5:7, “We walk by faith, not by sight.” Walking is an action. It’s a life in motion. Sitting, wondering, stewing, worrying, and reworking the options over and over again in your head while NOT taking a step is NOT WALKING. Doing nothing to the point that all other options are removed and you’re left with only one, that’s not walking. It is NOT FAITH. And faith is the only way to please God.

So, no, God doesn’t work in flashing lights and billboard signs telling you precisely which way to go and what step to take next … but he sure does show up in the precise devotional you decided to listen to today that assures you YOU CAN’T MISS GOD WHEN YOU’RE TAKING THE NEXT STEP IN FAITH! God can work with your steps, he can’t work with your unwillingness to lift your foot and make a decision.

It’s time to make a choice. Seek God. Surrender to him. Then take your next step in faith and know God is so pleased!

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