What you have today is all it will take for your breakthrough. Honey, you’re not waiting until you have the right tools, you’re waiting until you have the faith to use what you already have.

As always, I started this morning on my knees, asking God what he wanted to say through me today. He knew you would be listening and he knew precisely what you would need to hear, so he divinely popped a thought into my head. The thought was of Moses with his staff. This staff seemed ordinary in the beginning, but it would be used for miraculous works.

Moses was carrying a staff because Exodus 3 begins with him tending his father-in-law’s sheep. Shepherds carry sticks to manage and sometimes catch the sheep. Everyone had one. Everyone used one. This was just an ordinary wooden stick. But my sister, never forget, God uses ordinary things for his miraculous works.

Later in chapter 3 of Exodus, God gives Moses his mission. He is to lead the Israelites to freedom. But Moses felt like a nobody. Who would listen to him? Who would follow him? Who would ever believe that God showed up and spoke to him in a burning bush and he could be their leader? Knowing Moses’ questioning, God stopped him with one question. Exodus 4:2, “What is that in your hand?”

Of course, what was in Moses’ hand was his staff. That ordinary wooden stick he walked with to manage and sometimes catch sheep. It seemed like nothing special. But God wanted to show him what he already had is what he would use. So God tells him to throw the staff onto the ground. When he did, it became a snake. Then when he grabbed the snake by the tail, it turned into a staff again.

Crazy, huh? A simple display of God’s power through ordinary things. Moses had no idea all God would do through this seemingly ordinary wooden stick. But now he had the courage to take the next step. Verse 17, the Lord says to Moses, “But take this staff in your hand so you can perform the signs with it.”

God can do anything. He can use anything. And to be very clear, he uses us and the seemingly ordinary things we have to do his miraculous works. When God says take something with you, stop questioning it, and take it with you! When God says to use something you already have, then get to using what you already have.

Verse 20, “And he took the staff of God in his hand.”

Did you notice the transition here? Before it was just a wooden stick Moses had been using to tend to his father-in-law’s sheep. But now, now it was the STAFF OF GOD! What changed? It’s purpose changed. It’s intentional use changed. Now Moses is carrying the Staff of God, knowing it had great power. Formerly known as ordinary stick, now yielding miraculous power as the Staff of God.

Did you know your car could be the Car of God? For real! If that car is being used for an intentional purpose of God, then it’s his car. Drive it accordingly. Did you know your humble little house could be a House of God? Yes, the doors of your little house could be opened to the intentional purposes of God, then it’s his. Miraculous things could happen within your home when it becomes God’s home! Every morning I sit down at my laptop computer and I type as God speaks to me. This is the Computer of God! I dedicate this to him. It may not have been created for this purpose, but it’s use has changed. It’s no longer just a computer, it’s a tool of God’s.

I mean hey, if God can use a stick to perform miracles, couldn’t he use a computer? Couldn’t he use a humble house? Couldn’t he use a car? How about your cell phone? How about your dog or your cat? How about your story? The key is surrendering what you do have fully to God. God, how do you want to use this? How do you want to work through what I already have?

What did this Staff of God, formerly known as a wooden stick, do? Oh girl, it made a way where there was no way. It changed the trajectory of thousands of lives. It parted the Red Sea and created a dry path on the sea bed for all the Israelites to walk safely through. Exodus 14:16, “Raise your staff and stretch out your hand over the sea to divide the water so that the Israelites can go through the sea on dry ground.”

That’s the Staff of God being raised. There’s power in that staff. Power to part seas. Power to make a way. Power to save lives.

Now, God is asking you, what do you have in your hand? What do you already have that seems ordinary and unimportant? Will you let him work through it? Will you devote it to him? Will you offer what you do have to a Mighty God and let his miraculous power flow through ordinary things?

What you have today is a “Formerly Known As” in the making. Yes, a Formerly Known As. It was once just a job, then it became a great tool of the mighty God. It was once just a hobby, then it became a powerful force of God’s love in action. It was once just a car, but it became a mission on wheels destined for a greater purpose. It was once just a farm, but it became a saving grace for many. It was once just a building built for a simple purpose, but it became a healing space where God moved.

And you … you were once just an ordinary girl who felt there was absolutely nothing special about you. But when given to God, you became the Girl of God and miraculous works flow from you! You were formerly known as the girl who struggled, the girl who played little, the girl who sat it out, the girl who worried too much, the girl who always screwed it up, the girl who missed out … but God has greater plans for you. He wants to work through you! He wants his power to flow through you to do mighty things. You’re formerly known as something ordinary, but God is making you extraordinary for his purposes!

Just as Moses’ walking stick became the Staff of God, you’re becoming the Girl of God. How will God’s power flow through you and what will he use you to do? Girl, I have no idea! I can’t even imagine the ways he will make through you. I can’t begin to count the lives he will touch through you. I can’t fathom the difference you will make. But God knows!

Trust him with all you have, all you are, and all you feel you aren’t. Watch him do miraculous things through your ordinary! You’re a miraculous “Formerly Known As” story in the works!

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