Have you heard about glimmers? A glimmer is the opposite of a trigger.

We all know about triggers. That little thing that just sets you off. A reminder of a painful memory, causing you to react negatively. If you experienced a traumatic event, you likely remember certain sounds, smells, or sights related to that experience. Now, when you encounter those sensory reminders, you feel anxiety or panic. That’s a trigger.

But there’s also a glimmer. That little thing that creates awe and wonder. That micro moment that makes your soul feel hope. It’s that reminder of a good, good Father who holds the entire world in the palm of his hand and is personally involved in the details of your life. A glimmer lets you know you’re held. A glimmer reminds you of goodness. A glimmer sparks joy.

We’re surrounded by both today. Triggers and glimmers. The question is, which will you look for today?

Jesus tells us in Matthew 7:7, “Seek and ye shall find.” Yes, you will always find what you are looking for. Unfortunately, we’ve been condition by the world to continually look for the trigger, so guess what we’re continually finding? Yes, the trigger. We’re looking for the thing to go off about, so we’re finding all the things that just make us go off. When we look for the reason to be overwhelmed, overwhelm will be everywhere. God has given you the divine power to find everything you’re looking for. The problem is, our seeker is set to the wrong thing. I promise you this, if you seek all the things that trigger your bad mood, you’re going to be in a massively bad mood. If you seek the things that trigger your anxiety, whew girl, you’re going to be an anxious mess up in here.

You don’t have to live that way. God has not only given you the divine power to find everything you’re looking for, but he’s also given you the divine power to CHOOSE WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR! Yes, change what you seek and what you find will change.

If you will look for the glimmer today, you will find it. You will find tiny things to be in absolute awe over. You will find miraculous moments where time stands still and you’re captivated by the wonder of it all. You will suddenly notice the sheer beauty of simple things you rushed by yesterday. But today, when you seek your glimmers, glimmers you will find.

Seek your triggers and you will be set off all day.

But let’s dig deeper on these triggers. What if God wants to heal you completely of that? What if he wants to heal you so perfectly that the only thing those old haunting sounds, smells or signs can trigger in you is the Holy Spirit. Something bumps into your painful reminder and boom, God’s power within you is released. Boom, God’s grace and mercy flood you and overflow from you. Boom, gratitude covers your mind and you are healed. So healed that nothing can steal your peace again. So healed that nothing can threaten your joy here.

And what if God could turn your old triggers into new glimmers. They’re no longer negative reminders of what happened, they are hopeful reminders of what God has done for you. Reminders of how God carried you through. Reminders of how God made a way when there was no way. Reminders of how he supernaturally strengthened you to get through what you never thought you could get through. A new awareness of how God was there, always there, and what hurt you, hurt him. And from that very moment, God’s power has been at work in your life to turn it around for good. Hasn’t he turned it around? If he hasn’t then he’s just not done yet.

Psalm 103:2, “Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things he does for me.”

May you never, ever forget all the times God saved you, rescued you, forgave you, guided you, and protected you. May you always remember how he opened that door for you at just the right moment. You got the job. You got the house. It all happened just for you. Who did that? That was God doing good things for you. May you never forget the good things he does for you! Let that set off a glimmer in you today! You walk in to work and you remember how blessed you are with this opportunity. God did that for you. You clean your house and you remember how you once prayed for this house. God did that for you. Never forget that! Glimmers.

May you never forget how he stepped in with his split second perfect timing and saved you. You shouldn’t even be here. You shouldn’t be alive. But God, the creator of the Universe, is so personally invested in the details of your life, that he single handedly saved you. How can you ever drive a car the same? How can you put your feet on the floor and walk the same? How can you breathe the same? May you never forget the good things he does for you. There’s another glimmer. A reminder of what God did for you!

May you never forget how he divinely guided your steps to destinations you were unaware of, leading you to greater things than you could imagine. Wow. Look how God worked all of this out for you. Look at the details he had to align for this to be possible. And he did it all for you. Gosh, God does good things for you, now don’t forget them! Intentionally remember them. Set off your glimmers on purpose. Open your eyes to this goodness in your life that is a direct result of a Creator who is wildly in love with you.

Don’t ever forget the good things God does for you. Be totally overwhelmed by his divine involvement in the details of your every day life. Search for those glimmers. Live in absolute awe and wonder. Let the rest of the world rush on by, but not you. You have to live differently. You’re the girl God saved. He pulled you out of that pit and rescued you. He made a way for you. He is healing you. Healing you to the point your old triggers become glimmers, and all things point to Jesus.

These glimmers are all around you today. They’re in the sunshine and the rain. They’re in your dog or your cat as they love you so unconditionally. They’re in that first sip of morning coffee. They’re in the warmth on your skin and the colors of the flowers. They’re in the stars shining trillions of miles away in the universe. They’re in the beat of the music. They’re in the perfectly timed words you most needed to hear.


Healed triggers. Loving reminders of promised futures that overcome painful pasts. And remember, the thing about a glimmer is, you have to look for it. It’s not a spotlight. It’s not a bold, undeniable, blinding demand of your attention. Instead, it’s a faint light, a little shimmer that serves as a glorious invitation to the one who is seeking.

Be seeking today. Seeking the good. Seeking the positive. Seeking truth. Seeking the fingerprints of a Creator who lovingly made all of this for you. Seek the glimmers. and when you do, you will find them!

May your list of little things that make you happy be so much greater than your list of things that set you off.

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