What has your self-doubt stolen from you? What opportunities were divinely aligned for you, but you were too afraid to step into because you didn’t feel good enough? What are you missing in your life right now solely because you talked yourself out of showing up for it? Honey, you settled. You settled for less because you settled for believing you weren’t enough.

How can you ever experience more in life? I’m talking about the full and abundant life Jesus said he came to give you. How do you experience that? You find your confidence in God. You start believing you are here for a purpose and you’re chosen for something greater. And you start showing up like this is FOR YOU, not against you.

The struggle, that’s FOR you. For you to become stronger. For you to break through the resistance and build endurance. For you to dig deeper and find the power of God’s spirit dwelling within you. It’s FOR YOU. But if you’re insistent on receiving every struggle as a scheme from hell set against you, you’ll miss the value of each day’s training.

Life isn’t against you. Bad things don’t happen to you because you have bad luck. The truth is, sometimes bad things happen to us because we avoided doing something about it when we should have. Sometimes bad things happen because we straight up make stupid choices and we get stuck in our own stupid. And sometimes bad things happen because we live in a fallen world filled with people who have free will and they make stupid choices that impact us.

But through it all, one thing never changes. We have a God who is FOR us, not against us, and he has promised to work all things together for our good when we love him. Because of this, we can have complete confidence that every struggle is FOR US. It may not have been orchestrated in the heavenlies, but it’s being worked out in the heavenlies and it will be for our good to bring us in alignment with God’s good plans.

How would it change your current struggle if you showed up for it with unshakable confidence that God is FOR you in this and not against you? Wouldn’t you walk in the room different if you knew God’s Spirit is unstoppable in you? Wouldn’t you boldly fight for every ounce of goodness God has planned for you? Wouldn’t that take settling and giving up right off the table of options?

Isaiah 26:3, “People with their minds set on you, you keep completely whole, Steady on their feet, because they keep at it and don’t quit.”

With your mind set on God, you push out all self-doubt. With your mind set on God, your thoughts of being not good enough are eliminated. This is how you show up whole. This is how you stay steady on your feet and take the next step. You set your mind on God. The God who is for you, not against you. The God who has good plans specifically for your life and is actively working all things together for your good. You see, Sis, when you walk in with your mind set on Him, you show up different.

You don’t have to “feel” qualified. You don’t have to be everyone’s favorite. You don’t have to get everybody’s vote of confidence and reassurance. Nope, you can walk in like you belong because God sent you! Why? Because you do! You do belong in the room. You do belong at the table. All the places your self-doubt has stolen from you in the past, now you’re walking in with a mind set on God, a confidence made completely whole, and girl, you are steady on your feet with your confident next step because you know God is for you!

Oh Hell knows it just lost it’s grip on you! Hell just felt that shift in your spirit that said, “I’m showing up for this!” Hell just heard the slamming of the door you’ve left open for self-doubt entirely too long. No, you will not play little here. No, you will not shrink back. No, you will not give up. You will set your mind on God and you will walk in with yo’ whole self!

What does your “whole self” look like? The healed you. The you that is no longer broken and filled with fear. The you that is confident. The you that is faithful. The you that is authentic. The you that is no longer ashamed of her story, but using her story for God’s glory. This is your “whole self”. This is what God is working on. This is why the struggles have been allowed. You’re being strengthened and refined for being whole-ly and holy!

2 Corinthians 3:5, “It is not that we think we are qualified to do anything on our own. Our qualification comes from God.”

We’re not self-qualified. We’re not self-built. We’re not self-taught. Girl, get over yourself. And once you get over yourself, you can take some pressure off yourself. This isn’t all up to you. You are not the one who is supposed to figure this all out. Your 10 step, 5 year plan is way off, and guess what … that’s perfectly okay.

This isn’t about what you can do. You can’t do this. You can’t fix it. You can’t change it. BUT GOD CAN. God qualifies exactly who he needs to qualify. God equips with every single thing needed for every step of the way. God aligns details we can’t see in a future we can’t comprehend. And then he sets us, his girls, right in the middle of it all and asks us to show up with his Spirit working within us, making us whole and holy.

Yes, you. That’s why you’re “here” right now. That’s why you’re at that job. That’s why you’re surrounded by these people. That’s why you’re in this community. That’s why you’re faced with this situation. God has qualified YOU to be in the middle of this with his Spirit, to do his work. And here’s what he’s asking of you, he’s asking you to show up confidently, knowing he is making you whole and he is qualifying you to do exactly what he wants you to do as you keep your mind set on him.

Here’s what he doesn’t need you to do:

  1. He doesn’t need you to play little.
  2. He doesn’t need you to take credit.
  3. He doesn’t need you to have it all figured out.

Proverbs 3:26, “For the LORD will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being caught.”

You know what really stands out to me in this scripture? The Lord will keep your foot from being caught. He will keep you from getting stuck. He will give you the confidence to keep going.

Think of all those things you’ve missed out on before because your self-doubt told you that you weren’t good enough … yeah, that’s not happening again! God is building you up to get you unstuck. He’s setting you free to step into the great big, beautiful, overflowing, abundant life Jesus came to give you, and his good plans for your life have you stepping into some rooms you’ve been too afraid to step into.

But know this, as a follower of Jesus, when you walk into a room, light walks in. Hope and truth walk in. Girl, you’re bringing Jesus in with you, and when Jesus is in the room, everything changes! So, yes, walk in like you belong there. Yes, walk in with confidence knowing you are 100% qualified to be there. You’re bringing Jesus into the room when you walk in, and that’s what the room needs more than anything!

There’s no room for self-doubt when God is working like he’s working in your life. Confidence is building within you, and that confidence says take the next step and get unstuck, Sis! There are good plans for you here, now step into them. God is relentlessly FOR you!

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