Have you ever been looking for something specific so intently, that you totally miss it? You miss the forest for all the trees.

You are looking for that future husband. Everywhere, you’re looking. Desperately looking. But where is that man hiding? Clearly he’s lost somewhere because he’s not willing to ask for directions, so you’re out here on a search and rescue mission for your man. Could this be him? How about this one? Let me try that one. Nope. All wrong. Gosh, will you ever find him? Yes … and today I will tell you exactly how!

It’s the same way you will find the new job you so desperately want, the community you most want, and the friendships you’re missing. It’s all out there. Somewhere. But how in the world do you find it, because you’ve been looking and not finding.

It’s a puzzle. Literally. A puzzle. Let me explain …

My husband and I decided this month we wanted to spend intentional time together doing different things. One of those things is a puzzle. I bought a 1,000 piece puzzle on the Amazon, we spread out all the pieces, and over the weekend we sat down at the table together to work on it. And inevitably one thing always happens when working a puzzle … you’re absolutely convinced there’s a piece missing. You’re looking for something so specific, it seems it would be impossible to miss. You go through every piece once, then twice, and a third time. And. It’s. Not. There. There’s no way it’s on the table. You crawl around on the floor. You curse the maker of the puzzle, convinced they left a valuable piece on the factory floor because it’s straight up not here!

That was us. One piece had an old style white and red life preserver on it. That’s really distinctive and specific amongst all the other pieces, but we had looked everywhere and it wasn’t there. We had the broken puzzle! Clearly this piece was missing.

But really, was it? That’s rarely ever the case, yet every time, don’t we resort to believing it’s missing … until we find it. And when do we find it? Rarely ever when we’re relentlessly searching for it, and usually always when we’ve moved on looking for something else. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the piece you were previously searching for just appears. How could it have possibly been there all along? Isn’t that crazy?

Could this same crazy thing be happening for my single ladies searching everywhere for the right man? Could this same crazy thing be happening for the girl desperately searching for the perfect new opportunity amongst all these closed doors? You’re at the point of giving up, believing you’re broken and what you’re looking for was left on the factory floor of Heaven somewhere, and God forgot to include it in your box. Now you’re frustrated and totally ready to give up because you can’t find what you truly want. What you need. What you think would most make you happy.

But, Sis, it’s there. And Jesus tells us exactly how to find it. Matthew 6:33, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

All these things you’re looking for, they’re there, and you will find them, but only when you start seeking God first. As long as you put your need for a relationship before your need for God, you will be frustrated in your search. As long as your career comes first, you will get burned out. As long as money, security and stability are on the top of the list, the top of your list will suck. You’ll have it all and be totally unfulfilled and unhappy still. But Jesus promises if you seek God’s way, his will, and who he is creating you to be FIRST, everything else will be given to you.

You find that missing puzzle piece when you quit obsessing over it. And, Sis, you find all that you desire in your life when your first desire becomes God.

Can you truly say, “God if you’re in it, I want it, but if you’re not, I don’t?” Can you loosen your grip, open your hands, and allow God to take what isn’t fitting in your life?

The funny thing about puzzle pieces is, you can force them to fit, and it will work for a time, but eventually, that forced wrong fit throws the whole puzzle off. Have you been trying so hard to force the fit that your life has gotten thrown off? Honey, if it doesn’t fit, then take it out. You’ll know when the fit is right. You don’t have to force it. You don’t have to change it. You don’t have to justify it. It feels right, it looks right, and it brings everything else together around it.

When one relationship ruins all your other relationships and isolates you, girl, it ain’t right. You’ve tried to force the wrong piece. Take it out.

When one aspect of your life creates a domino effect of disaster on all the other areas of your life, it ain’t right. Remove the piece. It doesn’t go here. Yes, that’s what happens when you take a really good job and make it a priority over everything else, it creates disaster. Why? Because your job was never supposed to be in a place of priority. Neither was your appearance or your status. But when any of these things become your priority, life gets all jacked up and you suffer.

Jesus says to make God your priority. Make his way your preferred way. Make his will your greatest desire. Make who he is creating you to be more important than anything you are striving to do. Then, and only then, all the other pieces fit perfectly. Then, life just flows and comes together.

And then, you find the piece you were once relentlessly searching for. There he is, the man you thought you would never find. There it is, the job you always wanted. Here you are, where you dreamed you could be. It was here all along. The missing piece. You weren’t broken. There was nothing intentionally hidden from you and deemed as never possible for you. You just had to turn your focus off that piece, and look for God instead.

You know when those beautiful relationships just show up in our lives? When we stop being so desperate for them. When we are healed and whole and content with God. Then, God gives you all the other things as well!

You know when the doors open? When we decide to stop trying to tear them down on our own. When we stop running through doors with danger signs on them out of desperation for any ol’ door. You don’t need any ol’ door. You need God’s door, and God comes before the door, so seek him first, then he will bring the door. And guess what … you won’t have to beat it down. You won’t have to force it to fit. It just clicks. And you know … this is God’s door. I can walk in with confidence!

Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, meaning God’s good plans and who he is making you to be, THEN all these things will be given to you as well. God can radically bless the girl who’s priority is set on Him. The girl who is looking for God first, is the girl who has all the other pieces she needs on the table and allows them to flow together perfectly.

God knows the outside of the box, big picture of your life. He knows it’s good. Ridiculously good. And he knows he has included every single piece you will need for that ridiculously good life. You’re missing nothing. And you don’t have to force anything. It’s here. Just keep looking for God first, and you will find what you’ve always been missing.

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