Does your work feel unimpressive and unimportant? Like you’re doing all of this for a paycheck that is gone in a month, but it’s making no impact. Or even worse, you don’t get paid for all this work! Like you could disappear and no one would really miss you. Do you ever question why you do what you do, and what God had in mind when he led you here? What are God’s intentions for you here in this place where you are? What does he want you to be doing? What difference are you really making?

This past weekend at our BIG Life Florida Keys Retreat, I med an amazing woman who in the beginning seemed very shy and quiet. One night over dinner, she told me she listened to the devotional every day while at work, so I asked her what she did. What followed was a sheer ah-ha moment for me, and I bet it will be for you as well.

She has a 4 word long title that I can’t even begin to remember, and I will be over simplifying her role in my explanation, but she is the person who looks through a microscope at a biopsy and determines whether it is cancer or not. She is the very first person to know if good news or bad news is on the way. She explained to me after so many years in this field, it began to feel dark and overwhelming. Cancer diagnosis after cancer diagnosis. Just knowing she would check the box that confirmed precisely what that living being didn’t want to hear.

But one day, that changed. One day, God showed her the value she was to bring in her role. She was to continue doing her job just as she always had, with one magnificent shift. With each look through the microscope at a biopsy which revealed cancer, she was to pray for that person. She couldn’t heal them. She couldn’t even make the cancer diagnosis easier. She would never meet them. But she could talk to our healer, our redeemer, our savior, our creator about them. And that’s what she does.

It’s made a world of difference for her, and a world of difference for others she will likely never know about this side of heaven. She reads biopsies for people across the US and many other countries. This precious soul with gentle eyes and a sweet spirit, she prays, and it makes a difference.

Imagine for a moment thinking your own biopsy, or the biopsy of your loved one, was under her microscope, and before a single other living soul knew, she knew, and she prayed. Prayers were said over this before the phone call ever came. You were covered before you even knew.

If I ever have a biopsy, I want it to be in her lab under her microscope. You know why? Because I know the power of prayer. James 5:16, “The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.”

Now, let’s bring this back to you. Back to what you do, and the difference you can make. Back to this place where you might feel totally invisible and disposable, and maybe even miserable doing work that seems to be unimportant. Will you simply ask God to show you why he brought you here? Will you ask him how he wants to use you in this space to be part of his unseen work with eternal impact?

This is purpose.

Psalm 57:2, “I cry out to God Most High, to God who will fulfill his purpose for me.”

Purpose often feels like this huge deep thing that, once revealed, has you hearing the angels sing. As if living in your purpose will mean every day is an easy day. As if purpose comes with sure success and overwhelming fulfillment at all times. But, what if instead, purpose looks more like God using you right where you are to make differences you won’t even know about. What if purpose looks more like inviting God into every detail of the space where you are.

Really, what if that’s why God has brought you where you are. You are simply supposed to bring him into that space. It’s you. You carry the Spirit of God in you. You can bring God to the classroom. You can bring God to the hospital room. You can bring God to the office. You can bring God to the store. You can bring God to your house.

That’s your purpose here. As a believer, you have the power to bring God into this space. So, make sure you’re bringing him!

At this past weekend’s retreat, I also met two Pediatric Intensive Care nurses. They are there for parent’s worst nightmares. And do you know what they do? They do their best. And do you know what they do when their best isn’t working for these children? They ask the families if they can pray with them over their children.

I know of a high school drama teacher who carries a list of the names of her students, and each day, she prays over them by name.

I know of a mom who folds clothes, and while she does, she prays over the life of her child that will wear those clothes.

I know of a wife, who prays for her husband while she washes his dishes.

And let me remind you, God’s word says those prayers have great power and produce wonderful results!

What if you’re not here to figure it all out or fix this mess. What if you’re not the one who will save the company, or carry the team to the next level. What if you’re not the one who has to have all the answers or the right moves, but what if you’re simply supposed to be the one who brings God to this space. Your space. The space where you are.

That’s your purpose. You bring God here. You unleash his power and his power produces wonderful results!

What does God do for you when you pray for others? Oh girl, more than you could ever ask, think or imagine. Remember the story of Job? Job had lost everything and everyone in his life. Unimaginable hardship had hit for Job. But check this out, at the very end of Job’s story, through it all, he prayed for others, and this is what happened. Job 42:10, “When Job prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes. In fact, the Lord gave him twice as much as before!”

I have to wonder what God is doing for this woman’s life as she prays over complete strangers and their cancer biopsies? I wonder what God is doing for these nurses who pray with families as their children are dying? I wonder what God is doing for the teacher who has a list of her students names that she brings to him daily? I wonder what God is doing for that wife and mama as she prays for her family while she folds laundry and washes dishes? Could he be restoring? Could he be strengthening? Could he be working to return everything that was once taken from them?


Your purpose here is to bring God to this space. When you do, you walk in your beautiful purpose. A purpose that reaches further than you can possibly imagine. It really is that simple, that big, and that powerful.

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