Have you ever wondered why Jesus did the specific miraculous acts he did during his three and a half years of ministry on Earth? How many supernatural acts of divine power were unleashed as he walked the streets and encountered the people? We have absolutely no idea. There’s no telling how many personal and private miracles he performed that were never revealed. So many things that were special for just one soul, and kept personal.

You know, some things God does for you are just between you and him. There’s no need to tell everyone about it. Sometimes we just get to be like Mary and receive a miracle that we get to treasure in our own heart and meditate on. Sometimes God whispers something to our soul and he says, “keep this inside of you and let me grow this just between us until the time is right.” Isn’t that so sweet of God?

I wonder if there’s something God has given you to treasure and meditate on. Something he has whispered to you and it’s not time to reveal it, it’s time to just sit with God on it. This is just between you and your God as he reveals more and more to you. Psalm 119:11 says, “I have treasured your word in my heart.” What does “in your heart” mean? In scripture your heart means where you make your choices motivated by your desires. If you keep the words God has spoken to you in your heart, then your choices are driven by his words because he has transformed your desires.

Will you keep the words God has spoken to you in your heart?

Yes, God has spoken to you. He’s stirred a dream within you. He’s given you glimpses of what your future with him can be. This time, will you hold on to it? Will you protect it from the doubts the enemy creates? Will you shield it from the critics and hide it away from the naysayers? This time, will you not give up on it? This time, will you just let it sit in your heart so it becomes your heart’s true desire and starts changing your choices?

Maybe you’re like me, and you have trouble keeping a secret. If I buy you a gift, I will likely tell you about the gift in excitement before I ever get to give it to you. If I have a bright idea, I often just blurt it out. Few things are kept within my heart. But, what God has impressed upon me today is that he wants to whisper something to us, and he wants us to keep it in our heart this time. He wants it to remain special just between you and him, where he will grow it, safe from the critics, the naysayers and the bombarding doubts.

Right now, tell God you are open to receiving a word from him and you will tuck it away in your heart to treasure. God, whisper to my soul. What do you want me to hear? Whisper your dreams into my being. Whisper your desires for my life into my heart now. I will treasure them there. I will protect them there. I will let them grow there. I will let these whispers change my desires, then I will let those desires determine my choices.

After Mary gave birth to baby Jesus, they were visited by shepherds who had been divinely led to them by angels. The shepherds shared all they had been told about this baby and people were amazed. But in the excitement of it all, we find Mary in Luke 2:19 being so still and quiet. “But Mary was treasuring up all these things in her heart and meditating on them.”

She sat in the moment and didn’t rush to the next. She was open to all God had given her and all he was whispering to her. And she let God’s dreams and visions grow in her heart. They became a treasure to her.

A treasure is something you keep. You don’t let everyone know about your treasure. You tuck it away. You keep it close to you. This is what Mary did. And this is what God has asked me to share today. “My girl, keep this treasure I’m giving you in your heart. I’m going to grow this within you.”

It doesn’t need to be revealed to everyone right now. It doesn’t need to be put on the table. It needs to be kept in the secret and safe spaces of your heart where God will attach his whispers to your desires and change your choices. He will change what you dream of. He will change what you think you want. He will change your vision of the future to align with his vision of a future that is far bigger and greater than anything you imagined.

What God is speaking to you doesn’t have to be broadcast to social media right now. It doesn’t have to be laid on a table for discussion. It’s too early. This is premature. God wants you to keep this within you so he can grow it.

When Mary became pregnant with Jesus, God sent an angel to Joseph to prepare him. The angel said in Matthew 1: 20, “Joseph, don’t be afraid to take Mary as your wife, because what has been conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit.” Mary had something miraculous growing within her from the Holy Spirit, and that needed time to grow. She was pregnant with promise.

And you are pregnant with a promise. The Holy Spirit is growing something within you. You don’t have to tell everyone about it … you know why? Because God will send his angels to tell others in preparation for you! Mary didn’t tell Joseph this unexpected pregnancy was from God … God sent an angel to tell Joseph. Mary didn’t have to explain herself, God had her completely covered. And he will do the same for you!

If there’s someone who needs to be part of what God is forming inside of you, then God will align them. He will bring them. He will move them. That’s not your burden!

Right now, you are to carry this dream. Let it grow within you. Meditate on it. Keep it in your heart. As you do, your desires will begin to change. You won’t have to force yourself to change, change will happen naturally because God’s spirit is working!

There were 37 miracles Jesus performed recorded in scripture. Each one was for a very specific purpose. Each one a display of God’s great power. But there are countless other miracles Jesus performed that were never intended for the public. They were never for publication. They were to be kept in the heart of one, change their desires, then change their choices. And their choices changed the trajectory of their lives and the future for generations to come.

That’s what God is growing in you now with his whispers. Stay open to them. Don’t dismiss them. Let them grow in your heart. You are pregnant with a promise. Protect that promise. It’s going to change you from within. Your entire future changes when you are open to receiving God’s word and then let it grow within you.

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