Are you available? To be available means you are open to something. Open to receive. Open to go. Open to used. Are you open, or are you occupied? Occupied with the busyness of life and all you have to do.

God has a question for you today. He’s not concerned with your ability, he wants to know your availability. Girl, are you available?

God can equip you with anything and everything you need. He can supernaturally strengthen you, he can raise you up, he can enlighten you, he can give you wisdom you’ve never had before. Oh yes, he can equip you with an abundance of ability. But what he won’t do is force you to be available for what he can to do in your life.

Availability is up to you. How much of God’s goodness and provision have we missed because we simply haven’t been available to receive it? Have you been so darn busy, filling your days with duties and distractions, that maybe you’ve missed what God has been offering you? Won’t you just decide you don’t ever want to miss it again?

What can God do in a life that’s available to him? Oh, it’s easier to make a much shorter list of what God can’t do with an available life. It is our availability that serves as an open door to the greatest works of our Creator.

This week, I learned this little podcast that started out of my closet, and now travels around the globe with me on my portable microphone, is in the top .5 percent of all the podcasts in the world. TOP POINT FIVE. That’s the top half percent globally for all podcasts on all topics. What? If you only knew how incredibly ordinary I am. I don’t have a day of college education or professional training. I use the Google to look up everything I don’t know, and guess at a whole lot of other stuff. But this is what God has done with my availability over the past 12 years.

Every day, I wake up and I tell God I’m available. Every day, I ask him to use me to remind you that you are HIS girl. And the rest has been all God, all the time. My only credit is I made the space and I keep making the space. I’m just open. I’m ready to go. Excited to be used by the Almighty.

Now, what could he do with your availability?

For many years now, I’ve kept a black and white image with words that make my spirit leap. Check your spirit and see if it does back flips inside your chest when you hear this:

“God says, I need you to get excited again. I need you to remember you’re not in this thing alone. I’m working on your challenges, I’ve already assigned angels to you. So let go of the stress and just trust me; I’ve got a pretty incredible ending in store. In fact, that’s why you need to get excited again … because the happy ending I’ve got coming is going to ROCK YOUR WORLD!”

Did you feel that too? Did that just move something within you?

Get excited my sister … God is about to do something … if you will be available!

There it is. Just like a potential date, first you have to be available, then you need to be excited. Nobody wants to go on a date with someone who acts like they “have to.” I’ll go to dinner with you if I have to. I’ll be there if I can get everything else done first. Geeze, you wouldn’t be eager to date that one, now would you?

Well, how do you think God feels when he has all these things he wants to do in your life, all this potential he wants to stir up and unleash within you, all these breakthroughs and new levels designed just for you … but you’re simply not excited about it.

God wants you to get excited again. Excited about all he CAN do and all he WILL do with your availability.

God, I’m here and I’m excited about it. Pick me! Swipe right.

I’ll show up with all my energy and enthusiasm. I’ll bring my very best to the table because I know in your hands it can become even more. And God says … ahhhh yeah girl, I can work with that!

Luke 1:37 reminds us “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Hey God, I’m available to go WITH you and I’m excited for the impossible to be made possible. Bring it on!

Won’t you get excited about that?

The world tells us not to get our hopes up. Maybe you’ve even said it. Don’t get your hopes up.

When we adopted our daughters from an orphanage in Mexico, they only spoke Spanish. As they learned English, their words would get twisted in the cutest ways. A belt for their pants was referred to as a seat belt. A jacket and a sweater were morphed together to become one word, a jacker. And they would talk about something exciting and mean to say, “don’t get your hopes up”, but instead they would say, “don’t give your hopes up.” But maybe it wasn’t as twisted as it was absolutely correct. Don’t give your hopes up.

Honey, this isn’t over yet. God is still here and he’s still working. He knows all about your challenges. He knows about the bad news. He knows about your worry and concerns. And he’s already assigned angels to you. Psalm 91:11 says “For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.” Yip, he’s already got it covered. You are covered. The way is being made and you don’t even have to go alone. You have angels guarding you.

Me and my angels are available! We are excited about what God is doing. We are not overwhelmed with fear and uncertainty. We are filled with hope and we’re not giving it up. I used to cautiously not get my hopes up, now I faithfully won’t GIVE my hope up!

God knows your end from the beginning. He has seen how it all plays out and you can trust he has goodness in store for you. And today, he is guiding you on the best path to get you there. Trust him on this path. Cling to him when it gets dark. He’s taking you somewhere good. It will all be worth it.

Remain open and available. What a powerful declaration for your life … God I’m available! Pick me. I’m grateful for what you’ve been doing in my life and I’m excited about what you’re going to do. I will clear my schedule for you. I will change my plans for you. I will rearrange my entire life for you.

I’m daring you to send out an “I’m available to God.” Invite him to wreck your plans for his better plans. Get your hopes up and don’t give them up. You have a good God with good plans for you, and nothing is impossible with him. That’s worth getting excited about

Are you available? Are you excited? You should be!

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