God is referred to as the Great I Am. Meaning all things begin and end with him. All power is in him. Mountains crumble and demons run in fear at the name of the Great I Am. All of creation is the result of first the thought and then the word of him. Your entire world is in his mighty hand. And this Great I Am is relentlessly pursuing you, writing the story of your life, paving the way for you, and preparing all eternity for you.

He has created you.
He has chosen you.
His name is I Am.
Not I Was.
Not I Might Be.
Not I May.
Not I Will
No, I Am … the Great I Am.

In Exodus we read of God choosing Moses for a mission. Moses lacked confidence and had a stuttering problem, so when God told him to go speak to a powerful group of people, this was Moses’ worst fear. Surely God had gotten this wrong, there had to be somebody better than Moses to speak for God.

Isn’t that just the way our God works … he chooses to display his power in our weakness. Isn’t this what scripture means when it says “my power is made perfect in weakness.” We try to run away from our areas of struggle, hide our insecurities, and God says NO THIS IS WHERE I WORK BEST. This is exactly where he wants to show himself in your life. In your weakness is where his power is made perfect.

So God chose the man who stuttered, whose tongue got tied and words got tangled to deliver his message. Moses, filled with doubt in himself, argues with God saying “God, there’s got to be a better choice. Please choose someone else. I’m not your guy.”

And God doesn’t back down.

No Moses, it is you. I am certain of my choice, it is you. Your inability is not beyond my ability. Your struggle is not beyond my strength. I am not limited by your insecurity.

So Moses says, well when I get to where you want me to go, and I stand before the people you want me to talk to, what do you want me to say? Who should I say sent me?

And God says in Exodus 3:14 “I am who i am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: I AM has sent me to you.”

I Am. This is how God names himself and describes himself. I Am. God is the beginning and the end. He is the all in all. How do you describe God? And so, in the greatest form of powerful simplicity, God simply says “I Am.”

The Great I Am went with Moses on his mission and empowered him to do mighty works. Impossible things were done in the name of the I Am.

And understand right here, right now, this same great power is working in you. This same great I Am has chosen you! He has called you out and given you a mission. A mission that likely stares down your struggle and your insecurity and says YOU CAN’T DO THIS, BUT I AM!

I am likely the least qualified girl to lead you in a devotional. Imposter Syndrome tells me if you really knew how ordinary and simple I am, you would never want to listen. But God tells me that exactly why he chose me. His power works perfectly through my ordinary simplicity. I’m just an empty vessel for his power, and crazy enough to believe if I will show up every morning, he will speak through me. And he does! I know he does! It’s not me, it’s the I AM!

Why would we ever believe the almighty powerful I Am would be limited in any way by our ability? It is not your ability that limits God, it is your willingness that limits his power you will see at work in you.

God gave us each free will. We get to choose how much of his power we see at work in our lives and through our lives, as a result of our willingness. Moses could have chosen not to go. He could have sat in his insecurities, rehearsing all the ways he would surely screw things up and be made fun of. And he would have missed out on the miracles God had planned for him. He would have missed out on his role in destiny.

I have to wonder where I have missed out on my role in destiny. Where have I sat it out with my lame excuses and list of insecurities, when God was calling me to more?

Where have you played little? Where have you stayed stuck in your head instead of moving forward in your life? Where have you dismissed yourself from being a vessel for the great I Am because you didn’t feel good enough?

God is speaking to me and to you today, and he’s saying I HAVEN’T GIVEN UP ON YOU. I am here again inviting you into the life I have planned for you. Won’t you trust that I AM working? I AM in control. I AM for you. I AM with you.

I AM. Not I once was. Not I might be. Not maybe when I get around to it. NO, I AM. I am working in you right now!!!! I am speaking to you right now. I am calling you right now. I am.

The Great I Am is here today reminding you, I AM OVER EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE. I AM aware of your struggles. I AM seeing this. I AM hearing you. And I AM moving. I AM in action for you.

And this is all I need. Just knowing the Great I Am, the one who always was and always will be, the one who’s power is unlimited, the one who sought me out like a lost sheep and brought me home, yes THE I AM is right here, right now with me, well that’s all I need.

And he is with you! He is strengthening you. He is guiding you. He is preparing you. He is working in you. He is clearing the way for you. He is unleashing his power in your weakness. AND IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.

He is saying to you, Daughter, I AM.

What have you been praying over? What have you been seeking God for? What have you been searching scripture and crying out to God for? His answer to you today is “I AM”. I am in control. I am in the middle of this. I am working all these things together for good. I am moving. TRUST ME.

The I AM has chosen you. He is calling you. He is strengthening you. He is working through your disappointment to bring you to your destiny. Through your mess to give you his message. Through your problem to give you purpose.

When you ask God today, hear his answer: I AM!

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