Sometimes I get in my head, worried about all I will need for the future, and totally miss the fact that I have what I need for today. Sometimes, here in my head, I will talk myself out of doing what I could and should do today, because I’m worried about how I will keep doing it in all the days to come.

Do you do that too? Do you get all in your head about what will be needed later and miss what you have right now?

Steven Furtick says in his book, Do the New You, “Go into the day from a place of abundance, not lack.” Do you wake up saying you didn’t get enough sleep? Do you face the day thinking you don’t have enough energy? Do you count the demands and declare you don’t have enough money, enough help, enough time? This is a lack mindset.

God lacks nothing. He’s never running on short supply. Ever. And if God is the Lord of your life, as Psalm 23:1 says, you will lack nothing. Everything you need will be provided. Every single thing you need for today is here for you through the grace of God at work in your life. It’s miraculously here for you today. Do you see it?

This is going into the day from abundance. I have everything I need for TODAY. I have enough NOW.

What this does not mean is absolute certainty about tomorrow. This does not mean 100% security in what may come next. This is not an independence. Your creator designed you for dependence. He crafted you to need him DAILY. Your stress often comes from your fight for independence and attempt to control what was never yours to control.

You needed God to provide for you today, and here you are waking up to those provisions. You have the time you need. You have the help you need. You have the energy you need. You have the food you need. THAT IS GOD!

I know you may have worked hard to earn that money, but never forget who enabled you to work. Who blessed you with those abilities? Who opened those doors for you?

I know you may have gone to the grocery store and bought that food your own self, but how did you get there? Did you walk there? Oh, who gave you those legs that can walk? God did that! Did you drive there? Who provided for you to get that car? God did that!

Without God, you have none of this. With God, you have everything you need for today.

Jesus teaches us to pray to God in a very humble, simple and relational way. Matthew 6:11, he says to pray like this, “Give us today our daily bread.” Notice this does not say our monthly bread. It’s not about our 1 year plan for bread. It’s not about the future 10 years worth of bread. It’s our DAILY BREAD.

Bread represents our needs, everything we need. And Jesus says talk to God daily about everything you need.

Why is that? If God already knows our needs and promises to supply for our needs, why should we pray about the things he’s already going to do every day anyway?

I wonder, did you pray about your food for today? Really, did you ask God for food to feed your family for breakfast this morning? Most of us, void of crisis, did not. Yet, there was food today, wasn’t there? That was God being faithful, even when we weren’t. Now, don’t fail to thank him!

Jesus teaches us to pray daily over the things God is so faithful with because it increases our awareness of God’s provisions in our lives. It makes us humbly grateful. When you asked for something, then you receive that something, you know whoever you asked came through for you. This is how we recognize GOD DID THAT FOR US!

My sister, God cares about your needs. Talk to him about each of them. As you do, you will notice all the little things you once dismissed as ordinary or odd, and you will find God. Honey, that’s not odd, that’s God! That’s God helping you find that $20 bill in the pocket of your jacket! We’ve all found that lost or forgotten money before. Remember, that’s an all-knowing and all-powerful God saying to his girl, “You are not lost and you have not been forgotten. My eye has always been on you and I promise to provide for you.”

When my son was little, we went through a season of extreme financial hardship. You know times are tough when spaghetti never has meat in the sauce. There were a few meatless nights at our table, but there was always food. One day, a cow stood on the street corner and handed me a coupon through my car window. The coupon was for a free Chic-fil-A sandwich, no other purchase required. My little boy and I whipped straight into the Chic-fil-A, and redeemed our coupon. We sat down, the two of us, with our 1 sandwich and our cup of water, and we each took turns taking a bite. We ate and we ate and we ate, until we were both full and there was still more chicken sandwich left!

That day, our daily bread came with the most delicious fried chicken and a slice of pickle, and it never ran out. We had enough. We weren’t living in lack, we were living in abundance because of a good, good Father who meets our daily needs.

And sometimes, God doesn’t show up and give us something more, he just makes what we already have last. There’s the sweetest scripture tucked away in Deuteronomy 29:5. The Lord says, “I led you 40 years in the wilderness; your clothes and the sandals on your feet did not wear out.”

Woah. God didn’t miraculously grow new clothes on trees for his people, but he made the clothes they had last. He didn’t mail a box of new sandals to them, but he made the sandals they had to not wear out. Don’t miss that is a miracle!

Some of you have a car that really shouldn’t still be running, but it started today! That’s miraculous daily bread! Some of you have a job that should have ended last year, but the doors are still open today. That’s miraculous daily bread! Some of you had an encounter with something that should have taken you out, but you survived another day. That’s miraculous daily bread!

God did that. You may have failed to ask him for it before, yet he showed up in faithfulness and did it for you anyway. Now, don’t fail to thank him for it.

The enemy wants to diminish that miracle by making you trade your praise of God over today for the worry over tomorrow. You have it today, but are you worried about keeping it tomorrow? That’s the trap! That’s the lack. If God is your shepherd, your guide, your provider, then you will not lack. So my sister, stop allowing lack in your head!

Living with awareness and gratitude helps us start each day from a place of abundance instead of lack. And when you’re living in abundance, you stop talking yourself out of doing what you could do today. You do have time to do what needs to be done today, so you do it. You do have energy to show up with your best today, so you show up.

Repeat after me: I have enough for now.

Okay, now use it!

I spent years talking myself out of stepping into some of my greatest blessings. You know why? Because I was convinced I would never have enough to keep going. And if I couldn’t be guaranteed to have enough for the future, I wouldn’t do it today. Now, where’s the faith in that?

God wants his girls to develop our faith and increase our trust in him. And he does this through our DAILY dependence on him.

Daily bread. It’s here. It was him. Be grateful. Use it. Trust him for the rest!

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