It’s exhausting trying to keep up the facade of how we want our lives to appear to others. We only choose the filtered photos where we look good. We only present our best days and our best moments. For some reason, we want to look better than everyone else, but why is that, and what is this doing to us?

James 3: 14-16, “But if you have bitter envy and selfish ambition in your heart, don’t boast and deny the truth. Such wisdom does not come down from above but is earthly, unspiritual, demonic. For where there is envy and selfish ambition, there is disorder and every evil practice.”

Oh, well, doesn’t that just make sense. We’re so filled with our selfish ambitions and trying to make someone, anyone, envy this presented version of a life we’re living, and it’s caused complete disorder!

The MSG translation says it like this, “It’s the way you live, not the way you talk, that counts. Wherever you’re trying to look better than others, things fall apart.” The way you talk, the way you post, the filtered and fixed up version … is this you trying to look better than someone else? Welp, that’s where things are going to fall apart!

And haven’t we? Haven’t we all been falling apart? We’re not together, we are divided. We are apart. We are in discord and chaos as things continue to fall apart.

So, what should we do? CHECK OURSELVES! Where am I trying to look better than others? Where am I trying to look like my life is better than someone else’s? Like what I’m doing is better?

And where are you doing this?

There’s nothing wrong with dressing up and looking nice, but when it’s to turn all the heads, that’s a problem. There’s nothing wrong with going somewhere beautiful and wanting to share it with others, but when it’s to make others think that where you are is better than where they are, that’s a problem. God is asking WHAT IS THE MOTIVE BEHIND WHAT YOU ARE DOING? The wrong motive will only have things falling apart in your life.

We have become a showy, competitive, obsessed with perfection, selfish people and we are completely falling apart. God’s word says this is earthly, unspiritual and demonic. Well yuck, no wonder we’re having problems, y’all!

But keep reading because we have the solution. James 3: 17-18, “God’s wisdom is characterized by getting along with others. It is gentle and reasonable, overflowing with mercy and blessings, not two faced. You can develop a healthy and robust community that lives right with God and enjoy the results ONLY IF you do the hard work of getting along and treating each other with dignity and honor.”

God knew us getting along with everyone would be hard work, and he asks us to do it any way. Yes, do the hard work of getting along!

How hard are you trying to get along with the people at your work? Really, are you trying? God expects you to try … then try harder. That seems unfair, why should it be up to you to try harder? Well, you are the one hearing this right now, so that means God has chosen YOU to go first! Go out of your way to get along with the one who is so darn hard to get along with. Yes, for real, do it.

You always wonder when God is going to show up and speak directly to you about what he wants you to do. Well there it is! Do the hard work of getting along.

This scripture tells us how. Be gentle and reasonable today. Overflow with mercy and blessings. Don’t be two faced.

Oh, that’s our problem. We are nice to their face, then we turn around and talk about them. You’re being convicted right now to stop that. Two faced is not a representation of God’s desire for you. God is showing you better so you can do better.

Are you a good representative of God’s mercy and blessings when you’re driving? When you’re waiting in a long line?

How about when you’re at home? Yes, with your own family in your house, are you gentle and reasonable? The truth is, sometimes, Mama, you are completely unreasonable! You are re-dic-you-lussss. There’s not an ounce of gentleness in your outburst. If you could step back and hear yourself, you sound absolutely insane sometimes. Ughhhh, would you want to live with you? Would you want to be married to you?

God wants to ask you right now, are you TRYING to get along with the people in your home? Did you wake up today determined to do it right today, or determined to be right today?


Yes, getting along can be hard work, but God expects his girls to do the work.

This isn’t about you. When you make everything about you, you lose the whole point of this thing. You are here to represent God’s love to this world. But when the enemy successfully trips you up in thinking you have to look better than everyone else, or be right about everything, then you lose the love you’re here to show.

Lord, convict us of our wrong motives. Turn our hearts away from the facade and the show, and let us overflow with your love and mercy. Humble us and help us show up better today.

We’re here today to do it right. To work hard at getting along. And that starts in our own home, that follows us to work, into our neighborhood, into the grocery store, and into the connections we have online. WE WILL WORK HARD AT GETTING ALONG. We won’t be two faced. We won’t be ridiculous and unreasonable. We will be the people we would WANT to live with, we would want to be married to, we would want to work with. We don’t need to be better or look better than anyone. We need to love better.

Repeat after me: I will be a freaking delight today!

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