God is asking you to do something. He is pointing you in the direction of your purpose and nudging you to take the next step. But you’ve been questioning how. You don’t see how you will do what he has asked you to do. You don’t think you could ever be good enough to do it. You’re not equipped. You’re not anything special. So, you’ve dismissed yourself from the calling of God on your life.

Why? Because you don’t see it. You don’t see what God sees.

But I heard something this morning on the Elevation Church podcast, and I’ve been asked to tell you about it so you’re sure to hear:


Honey, if you’re supposed to work there, God will open the door for you to walk right in. If you’re supposed to move there, God will make the way there. If it’s supposed to be you, then you will be supernaturally filled with God’s power to do what he’s asked you to do.

You don’t have to have this all figured out. You don’t have to even understand the plan. You just have to be willing to believe if you’re supposed to do it, you will have God’s support for it. God’s support will put you in the right place at the right time. God’s support will fill you with the courage to do what you’ve never done before. God’s support will make a way where there has been no way, and he will guide your feet to walk in that way.

Whew, doesn’t that just take the stress off? This isn’t about you … this is about what God will do through you if you will follow his lead.

Okay, picture this … you’ve one of Jesus’ closest friends. You’ve given up your job and your home, you’ve left everything and everyone you’ve ever known, to go with Jesus on his mission. You thought you would be doing this with Jesus for the rest of your life. But just 3 years into you and your tribe of 12 doing all these miraculous things, Jesus gets killed. Your leader is crucified. And even though it’s easy for us to rush to the rest of the story, Jesus’ friends didn’t know the rest of the story as they were sitting in it. They never saw this hardship coming. They never, in a million years, thought Jesus could be killed. Now what were they going to do? They had given up everything to go with him.

They are afraid. Afraid they too would be killed. Afraid everything they had believed in and worked for was ruined. They were confused. Then, Jesus shows up in the room where they are hiding. Now remember, Jesus has died. They saw him hanging on the cross. They knew his body was put in the tomb. They also knew the doors to the room where they were hiding were locked. And boom, here’s Jesus, standing right there among them.

And this is what Jesus says to them, Mark 16: 15, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Then Jesus is taken into heaven.

Jesus tells them to go. But HOW? Jesus, how are we supposed to go into all the world and preach to everyone? We don’t have an airplane. The internet sucks here. We are poor fishermen, how are we supposed to go do all of this? We have no education. We have no resources. We have no connections. Jesus, I heard what you said, but tell me how!


For 10 days they waited. For 10 days they must have wondered how Jesus expected them to tell everyone about God. For 10 days they must have felt so unequipped and unqualified for the calling. But on the 10th day, they were all together for the day of Pentecost. This was the day all of Israel gathered in Jerusalem to offer to God their first harvest of wheat for the season. There were people from Judea, people from Asia, people from Egypt and Rome, people from every nation all gathered to make their offering. Also there were Jesus’ 11 friends, his disciples.

Suddenly God’s power came and rested on each of them and Acts 2: 4 says, “They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in different tongues, as the Spirit enabled them.” These men spoke Aramaic, but now filled with the Holy Spirit, they were speaking every language of the entire crowd. All of these people from every nation, all with their own languages, miraculously heard the magnificent acts of God being declared in their language.

This is how God would use these 11 common friends of Jesus to fulfill his purposes. This is how they would go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation as Jesus had told them. God would do it through them in ways they could have never imagined. He would speak through them. His power would flow from them. He would give them the words which they couldn’t even possibly know. Literally a different language – hundreds of languages, spoken perfectly through common men who were unsure how God could use them.

Now, back to you. If you’re supposed to do it, you will have God’s support for it. If you’re called to it, you will be equipped for it. That you can be absolutely sure of!

How exactly? Well I don’t know. When exactly? Well I don’t know that either.

But here’s what I do know … you will have to show up unsure, uncertain, feeling totally unequipped, and be available for God’s Spirit to equip you.

The disciples spent 10 days wondering how they were ever going to do what Jesus had asked them to do. It seemed an impossible task for them to tell the world about the good news of Jesus. And in that 10 days, they must have been drawing maps and making plans. They must have been overwhelmed with such a huge task and unanswered questions.

Just like you … you’re in your 10 day waiting period that may have stretched out to cover a few years. You’re waiting and wondering. Questioning. Planning and preparing, but all of it seems inadequate. But my sister, the answers you’re seeking can’t be found in your elaborate 10 year plans. These answers are only found in the power of the Holy Spirit.

God will equip you! He will enable you to do what you’ve never done before. He will bring everything together just as it needs to be, and you just need to show up and be available for it.

What the Bible doesn’t tell us is the conversation Jesus’ friends must have had AFTER Pentecost. Imagine their after work dinner that night. Matthew says, “Dude, I was speaking to an Egyptian in his language, saying things I don’t even know how to say.” Then John says, “Dude, me too! Did you hear me talking in Latin?” And of course, here comes my favorite, wild and impulsive Peter and he says, “Guys, I don’t even know what language I was speaking, but that was awesome!!!”

Then there’s a pause and they all realize … ohhhhh, so THIS is how we’re going to go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” God has given us the power to do it and it’s already started. Now, lets keep going!

My sister, if you’re supposed to do it, you will have God’s support. God’s support is more than you could ever ask, think or imagine! It will be MORE than enough! If he’s called you, he will equip you. Dare to show up in faith and be available for the power of his Spirit working in you!

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