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There is a place where ladies come to not just escape life, but to ensure life doesn’t escape them.

The BIG Life Marathon Relay Retreat is our newest and most unique addition to the tour of BIG Life Retreats.  Motivational sessions, resort pampering and a marathon relay team including a pimped out limo bus!  (Runners, walkers and cheerleaders welcome!)

This is the ultimate all-girls weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


26.2 Miles with Your Team

But don’t worry, you won’t do it alone.  You can be part of a 5 person team and TOGETHER you complete the 26.2 miles.  Your leg is 5.24 miles and each team will accommodate walkers, joggers, runners and cheerleaders.  Whatever your pace is, we have a spot for you!  During your leg of the relay you will be surrounded by your BIG Life sisters and never alone on the course.  The rest of the race you’ll be celebrating on the limo bus with the rest of the team, cheering on others.  We will all cross the finish line together and receive our medals.

26.2 Mile Party

The limo bus will be loaded with snacks and your BIG Life sisters, celebrating and cheering all along the marathon course.  Before and after your leg of the marathon, you will be with the team on the limo bus.  This is a traveling party and you belong on the bus with us.  All designated cheerleaders will be welcome to ride the entire distance.


Lives Change Here

Our time together is life changing. Let’s sip our coffee together. Sit on the patio with us. Play hide-and-seek at the resort. Stay up late chatting with the girls.  When we share life together, we grow together and our lives improve. Come and just BE with us, and pack more living into a weekend than you ever imagined possible. This is sisterhood at it’s greatest and you belong.


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What you find here is unlike anything you have EVER experienced. Arrive strangers, leave sisters. It’s okay to know no one when you walk in. We were all new at our first retreat. This sisterhood, this BIG Life ARMY is eager to help you live the BIG Life you were created for. Join us for the all-girls weekend of a lifetime.

Who This Is NOT For …

Drama queens. BIG Life and drama don’t mix. We’re too busy living BIG to participate in drama.
If you’re supper picky about your bed, your meals or your schedule, you shouldn’t attend. High maintenance gals need not apply. We trade comfort for growth the entire weekend and you will see your life change!

Who This Is For …

Women of all ages (15+) who are ready for a fun weekend to breathe in life deeper. Come alone, or bring your sisters, your daughters and your mama. Grab your best friend or just trust me when I say you’ll find a best friend the moment you arrive. Retreat is a no judgment, no drama, no excuses, no regrets zone. Every detail specially designed to help you find and love YOU.

We are 100% committed to helping you live a BIG Life. If you’re struggling in life, we’re eager to help. If you’re going through some problems, let us help you through them. If you’re not perfect, then join the rest of us who are not either. This is a weekend of joy, laughter, breakthroughs, memories, sisterhood, and adventures. If that’s what you need in your life, you’re going to love it here.

Join us.