You were created to live a great BIG Life!

Not wake up each day to pay your bills. Time to take your life to the NEXT Level.

You probably don’t even know what that is, or what it looks like which may be the biggest reason you’ve been stuck in the ‘kindergarten level’ of life for so long. You’re scared of what the unknown (next level) will be. The alternative however, staying in the comfort of your current level for too long, is even worse. Bored, unfulfilled, stagnate and sick & tired of being sick & tired. That’s because you outgrew this level of life LONG ago. Time to push your way out of the ‘womb’ and experience the NEXT Level of your life.
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Ready for the NEXT Level?

FREE - Join us for a Live New Year's Day Broadcast where we teach you how to take your life to the NEXT Level!
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It’s okay to be scared.

It’s okay to be scared, but make no mistake…You ARE Good Enough!

Living a life of adventure is not about eliminating fear. It’s the difference between you having fear and fear having you.
It will be a little tough in the beginning, but you’ll get better and grow more capable, that’s what growth is. Just don’t believe the lie you’ve been fed by those who want to keep you in little life. The lie that tells you to settle for less than you were created for to protect your fragile ego. That you aren’t good enough so you should lower your expectations and settle for an ordinary life.
You don’t have ordinary in your DNA and no amount of pills, alcohol, or “reality” TV (watching other people live a fake adventure) will take away the longing in your soul to live the life you were created for. BIG Life.
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You and This Army!

It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a little support. You’ve never experienced a support system like this one. Encouragement, accountability and sometimes and kick in the butt. Going to the NEXT Level…together.
Some people are fortunate enough to have an accountability partner…others have an Army – BIG Life Army

Since joining mentoring, my entire life has changed, but of greatest impact has been my marriage.  I learned to break down walls and build a loving, God centered marriage with my husband.

Nicky Johnson

Mentoring has taught me I’m not just a mom. I’m still the person I was before my daughter and I have a Big Life to live. Since joining mentoring I’ve hit goals and accomplished more in the last 4 months than I would have in a year!

Candi Zitzka

Big Life living has flipped my world upside down in the most beautiful and blessed way when I needed it more than I knew. It has helped me to become a more positive and in tune person who knows that I must spread the goodness on to others. Plus, nothing compares to having an ARMY of equally brilliant and unique women in your corner, no questions asked. Big Life is where it’s at!

Brandy Johnson

I joined mentoring in March, I was just starting my weight loss journey. I’ve since lost almost thirty pounds. I’ve learned to be more present with my family and learned to have fun! I’m a singer, but since I’ve joined Big Life, I have learned to dream bigger and step outside of that comfort zone.

Galela Dalby

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Ready for the NEXT Level?

FREE - Join us for a Live New Year's Day Broadcast where we teach you how to take your life to the NEXT Level!
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Losing weight isn’t the problem

It’s a symptom of a larger issue.

If you’ve tried year in and year out to lose weight, keep a budget, eat healthy, get organized, but just can’t make it happen, there is a something larger going on. Don’t set yourself up for another year of frustration fighting symptoms of a larger problem. Don’t waste your time and money on another weight loss program or some special ‘products’. Deal with the real problem once and for all. The best “tools” in the world won’t do any good sitting on the shelf. For another year.
Don’t take last years bad habits and little life thinking into next year. You’re diet won’t mater, your exercise program or system won’t matter. The new app or planner won’t matter. Your life will get better (and all the circumstances that go with them) when you do.

Do you live where you want to live? Do what you want to do?

Why do you live where you live and work where you work? Are these by choice or by necessity? Sure we all have to survive and pay our bills, but at some point you should be moving past the survival level of life. Our family traded in ordinary life for a life of adventure in 2012. From the beaches of California, to the lakes of Missouri and now a ranch in Arkansas (with it’s very own river!). We’ve gone from comfort to Adventure and we’re eager to teach you how to live your very own adventure too.
Join us for a Free New Year’s Day – Live Broadcast where we will teach you how we do it.
FREE – Live – New Year’s Day Broadcast
Hosted by Lonnie & Pamela Crim
Join us for a live broadcast on how to take your life to the NEXT Level this New Year. We’ll teach you how to break free of ordinary, little life into a life of Adventure – BIG Life. We’ll show you how to develop a BIG Life mindset and take advantage of the opportunities ALREADY around you. How to take the difficult first steps and win the 6″ War taking place between your ears. We’ll also show you how to failure proof your goals.
Let this year be a graduation. Graduation to the NEXT Level of your life.Ready…?
Join us Right Here, 7:00 PM New Year’s Day for the Free Live Broadcast
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Ready to write some Goals?
Pamela will teach you how to set goals the BIG Life Way – Sticky Goals
On New Year’s Eve I will teach you how to build a year of success you can SEE using the BIG Life Goal Setting System including Sticky Goals. Did I mention it’s all-inclusive and completely free? Free printables and a free video will be shared on Facebook from BIG Life Studios.
Our system uses Post-it notes in the following sizes:
3×3 inch square
2×2 inch square
1/2×2 inch page markers
(Go ahead and buy your Post-It’s now or buy one size and simply cut them to fit the template).
All printables and video will be available on New Years Eve. Yes, completely FREE. We just care about your BIG Life success and want to help you fulfill your purpose.
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Looking for even more help?
BIG Life Mentoring – Living BIG Life WITH You
The difference between a coach and a mentor is a mentor goes through life WITH you. Not a distant third party who gives you an assignment and leaves, but someone out here…living BIG Life with you. It’s not my perfection I have to offer you, but my imperfection. Someone very experienced in the struggle to live a BIG Life, but determined to do it anyway.  And sister, you won’t be doing this alone! We have an entire Army of BIGLifers doing this together. Let me be your mentor and live BIG Life WITH you.