daily devotional

We are relational creatures. We were created to crave relationship. I mean watch Tom Hanks in Cast Away and you’ll see, we can’t sanely function all on our own. We’ll create a relationship with Wilson the volleyball if that’s all we have. You may think you’re a loner. You may think you would be happy without a constant whine or cry or demand from someone, but relationships are part of your very being. This is a result of being created in the image of God himself. God is relational. His one desire is to have a relationship with you.

I mean think about that for just a moment. God, the creator of the universe, the almighty Lord of heaven and earth, the one who sees all, knows all, has all and can do all, wants a relationship with YOU. Specifically, individually, YOU. He created you because he wants to be with you. Then he couldn’t stand the thought of being separated from you, so he sacrificed his one and only son just so he could bring you back to him. Don’t you understand how loved you are? Don’t you see how THIS is the life changing relationship. It’s your relationship with God that changes all other relationships. You get this one right and things start falling into place. You get this one wrong and everything falls apart.

Look around you … are your relationships a disaster? Could that be because the most important relationship, the one between you and God, has been a bit neglected lately?

Within Ephesians chapter 3 are four of the most encouraging scriptures of all time. I recommend sometime today you look up Ephesians 3 verses 16-20 and take 30 seconds to read it today. Here’s what you will discover:
If you let Christ dwell in your heart through faith, you will be strengthened with power. This power within you is your God who is able to do immeasurably more than you could ever ask or imagine.

As you begin to finally understand how BIG God’s love for you is, how long and high and deep it is, it will bring you to a complete fullness and happiness in life.

What I see here in these scriptures is a RELATIONSHIP being described. A relationship between us and God. A relationship where we surrender to God and he strengthens us with his power. A relationship where we trust & praise him and he does more for us than we could ever ask or imagine.

I don’t care what religion you are. I don’t care which seat you warm at which church you attend. And here’s the thing … I really don’t think God does either. Why? Because he wants a RELATIONSHIP with you. He wants to partner with you in this life. It’s not about the show, it’s not about checking the boxes, it’s about a partnership with your almighty, loving creator, His son who gave his life for you, and YOU.

Coach Lonnie and I often teach on marriage. After 24 years of marriage we’ve discovered this relationship is a true partnership. And in a partnership there is a percentage to work towards. How much are you expected to give and how much is he expected to give. Should it be 50/50? He gives 50% and you give 50%? Some say you should give just a little more than you have to, so what is it, maybe 52%? You give 52% in the relationship, going beyond your half? Well here’s what we’ve found, if we’re giving 50%, or even that extra 52%, we’re really only giving half effort. A relationship of 2 people each giving half effort doesn’t make a whole, it is simply 2 people holding back the other half of them expecting something in return.

What is the correct percentage in a relationship? 100/100 – I give 100% and you give 100%. I give my all. I give the best of me. This is the only way a marriage works. 100%.

Our relationship with God is much the same. God always shows up for us with his 100%. He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine – how – according to his power that is at work WITHIN US. He has poured his love and his power into us, 100%. Now we have to show up and work. We can’t sit back and expect God to do everything. This is a partnership and God isn’t looking for your 50%. He doesn’t want you half-way effort. Your half-way effort will give you a half-way fulfilling life. You can’t settle for that – no, not when you were created for so much more.

Do you have a half-way fulfilling life right now? Are you just kinda fulfilled? Kinda satisfied? Did you wake up kinda wanting to live today? Are you half-way sure of your purpose? Half-way happy on most days? This is a result of your half-way effort. God has given you everything, his ALL for his relationship with you, and you’ve been holding back. You’ve been counting the cost. You’ve been measuring the what-ifs. You’ve been taking inventory on what’s required of you for this “all-in” living and you’ve been playing little. Hey girl, you’ve been sitting it out, haven’t you?

God isn’t fooled by your show. He knows you haven’t been giving your best effort. He knows you’re holding back. And here he is giving his best for you. What kind of relationship is that? It’s time to even this out. He is willing to do immeasurably more than you could ever ask or imagine, will you be willing to give more than your half-way effort in this relationship?

God is standing before you today with an outstretched hand, hoping you’ll just show up. He has his 100% to give you today. All his love, all his power, all his strength, all his blessings and favor. Don’t limit yourself by only showing up with your 50% effort. If you will start showing up each day of your life with your all, you won’t believe how every area of your life will be effected. That’s your answer. This is what you’ve been searching for. START SHOWING UP WITH YOUR ALL, EVERY DARN DAY.

Maybe God is calling you out of the boat onto uncharted waters to do some pretty big and scary things. Ahhhhh, yes – don’t miss the excitement of that. God is calling you to an adventure and this adventure is going to require a relationship with him. A 100/100 relationship. A true partnership. There are things you have to be willing to do. And there are things you can’t do on your own and God will have to show up for you, and he will. Every time without fail, he will be there for you. Now it’s time to step out in faith and show God you’re in it 100%, holding nothing back. Willing to do the work, willing to give your all, and willing to trust him with his part.

Be so bold as to tell God you’re in it 100% today!