How confident are you in your abilities, your willpower, your courage, your strength? Are you confident you can and you will?

There are a million books and podcasts on building your self-confidence. All sorts of self-help steps to create a more confident you. That’s absolutely fantastic. Confidence looks good on you. Confidence will get you out of the dark corners and have you showing up for life. But my sister, you will be tempted, and sometimes you will humanly fail. Sometimes you won’t get it right. Sometimes you can’t be perfect. Then what happens to your self-confidence?

Scripture tells us there’s something even greater for us to strive for than self-confidence, GOD CONFIDENCE.

1 Corinthians 10: 12-13, “So, whoever thinks he stands must be careful not to fall. No temptation has come upon you except what is common to humanity. But God is faithful!”

Because you are human, you are going to struggle to constantly do what you know you should do. Your faithfulness may waiver when your weakness is poked at. I don’t know what your weakness might be … Is it that extra 20 minutes of sleep, that bag of Cheetos, that pint of icecream, men that smell good, clothes that get you noticed, mindless scrolling, thinking you’ll do it later, trash TV, or margaritas? Whatever your weakness is, it will be poked at. Your temptation will lurk. And sometimes, you will be weak.

This is life as a human and temptations gonna tempt. Your willpower will waiver … but GOD IS FAITHFUL.

Our God never misses a beat. He never fails to be right there when we need him. He’s never late, he’s never too busy and he’s never empty handed. He is guaranteed to be right there when you are tempted to cave.

So, instead of all this attention on building confidence in yourself, when you’re human and incapable of perfection, place your confidence in God who is guaranteed to be 100% faithful. He will NOT fail you.

1 Corinthians 10:12 in the MSG translation says it like this, “Forget about self-confidence, cultivate God-confidence!”

Having confidence in God will never disappoint you. Knowing that God can and will do what is best every single time in everything concerning you, is a well of confidence no other book can teach you. When you walk in the room unsure of your abilities, but absolutely certain of the God who directs your steps, guides your thoughts, and supernaturally flows through you, then girl, you’ve got confidence. God-confidence.

I may not be all that, but my God sure is! When I’m walking in with him, I’m walking in with the full package! When I’m battling with him (not battling against him, but WITH HIM), losing is impossible. I’m on the winning team, and knowing that make a girl show up for life a whole lot different.

I may fail. I may waiver. I may screw up. But my God is undefeated, unshakable, unfailing, and unstoppable. I’m 100% confident in that!

Because of who my God is, all I need to know is I am HIS GIRL. God’s girls show up different because what we carry within us is his unstoppable, unfailing, unshakable and undefeated power. It’s really not about me … it’s about Him IN ME.

With God-confidence, I can and I will!

Now, part 2 of this scripture. This faithful God of ours “will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation he will also provide the way out so that you may be able to bear it.”

The next time you are facing a temptation to avoid what you know you should do, or do what you know you shouldn’t do, intentionally look for the way out of that temptation faithfully provided by God for you, his girl. Without fail, the way out of that temptation will be there for you. When God says he is faithful, he means it. When his word says he will make a way for you, you darn well better believe, regardless of circumstances, the way has been made and it’s right in front of you awaiting your next right step.

However, what God will not do is force you to take that next right step. He will provide the way out for you, but you must choose it.

Let’s put this into practical terms. If you’re committed to sobriety, and a frozen margarita with salt is your temptation, I bet right there on the same exact menu is another drink option for you without alcohol. There’s your way out of the temptation … choose it! Thank you, Jesus!

If you’re fighting the good fight to be healthy, and Ben and Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is your temptation, I bet that same exact grocery store sells a banana! It’s your choice. The way out has been provided for you.

If you love rap music, but know the nasty words of those songs get into your soul, look around for God’s offerings that are better for you. Lacrae raps with the best, and he raps about the best … Jesus!

What if you treated this like a game. God, just how faithful are you to me? How good are you at ALWAYS providing a way out of the things that tempt to trip me up? Start looking for the alternatives that have heaven’s fingerprints on them.

If you have confidence in God, then have confidence in his divine ability to give you better options. Go on the hunt for his better options. Then, when you find them, actually choose them!

Today, you will be tempted. And right there with that temptation, God has faithfully given you a way out. Heaven’s fingerprints are on another option for you. Recognize it. Celebrate it. Choose it.

Self-confidence may fail you. Why? Because, girl, you’re human and you have a tendency to human things up sometimes. But God-confidence will have you showing up like you belong here, like you are chosen, like you are supernaturally strengthened, like you are anointed, like you are appointed, like you have a mission and you’ve been divinely equipped for that mission. Ba bam!!!!!!!!!!!

Psalm 46:5, “God is within her, she cannot fail!”

It’s not that I’m incapable of failing because of anything I am … it’s that I’m incapable of failing because of the God who is in me who never fails! Yeah, that’s God-confidence!

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