daily devotional

Through mentoring thousands of women, it seems there’s a common thread among us … we all want to know our purpose. We’re searching for that deeper meaning. WHY DID GOD CREATE YOU? WHAT SPECIFIC WORK DOES HE HAVE FOR YOU TO DO? Some people have clearly discovered their purpose and you see them living it out so perfectly. Dang, ever wonder how it happened? Want it to happen for you?

Today, I’ll show you how! This is going to blow your mind, make sure you’re ready for it. The hidden secret for discovering and fulfilling your purpose is found in Genesis 1:29:

“Then God said, ‘Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth.”

Boom! Blew your mind, right? Not really? OK, give me a minute.

The secret is the SEED. God created one time and he never had to create again. Every living thing has been given a seed to produce again. God didn’t have to keep making oak trees, the seed for the next oak tree was in the first one. Nor did God have to keep creating people. The seed for the next generation was in the one before. All big things began with a small seed already in them.

You were a seed that formed within your mother while she was still in her mother’s womb! Yes, the egg that God would use to create the one and only YOU was formed 2 generations before you! You began microscopically small. But no matter how small, you were still there. The potential would grow!

And here it is, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it ….

That big purpose that you’re searching for in your life, the answer to what you were created for and what you’re supposed to be doing STARTS WITH A SEED.

A seed of purpose. God already put it in you. It’s already there! The purpose you’re searching for is already in you!

But that seed of purpose doesn’t look like you thought it would. Think about it, why would it? You’re dealing with a purpose seed right now, the start of something bigger. You’re expecting it to look like what it will one day become, but it doesn’t! The oak tree seed doesn’t look like an itty bitty tiny oak tree now does it? No, an acorn doesn’t look like what it will become. Nor does an apple seed look like an ity bitty tiny apple. Wouldn’t that be cute if it did. But it doesn’t. The seed looks insignificant. It doesn’t look like what it will grow to be. But don’t miss it.

And so it is with the seed of your purpose.

Just imagine with me for a moment your specific purpose in life is to build an orphanage. That’s a noble purpose. But what does the SEED of that purpose look like? Does it look like an itty bitty orphanage? Nope.

Let me tell you what the seed looks like … it looks like getting up early today, 20 years before the orphanage is ever built. It looks like making your bed today. It looks like giving your best effort in the job you’re currently in just answering phones and filing papers.

That’s what a purpose seed looks like.

And God wants to know, will you be faithful with this little bit today? Will you be faithful with waking up on time? Will you be faithful with making your bed? Will you be faithful with this seemingly insignificant job? Will you be faithful with this seed because before I grow it into something big, I need to know if you’ll be faithful with little.

Are you really ready for bigger things? Were you faithful with your purpose seeds yesterday?

Every hour of your day has a purpose. An intended use for that 60 minutes. There is something you are supposed to be doing. Are you doing it well? Are you fully there for that hour of purpose? Are you giving it your best effort? Or are you just kinda there? Kinda faithful.

Today is nothing but a series of 60 minute purposes. Consider each 60 minutes a little purpose seed. Will you be faithful with it? If you are, it will grow. Your faithfulness will be noted, and more will be given.

What’s your purpose during breakfast time? What’s your purpose during work? Are you actually there, fully, fulfilling your intended use during those 60 minutes?

Will you fulfill your purpose for even 60 minutes?

You are being tested in the little purpose.

And you may be saying to me, “Pamela, I don’t want to mess with the little stuff. I want to know what the big purpose of my life is. I want to know what big thing I’m supposed to be doing. I don’t want to mess with this little stuff.”

So, you’re ready to move on to the big stuff, but have you really been faithful with the little stuff?

Every living thing has the seed within it. The seed for your big life purpose is the small 60 minute purpose that appears as simple as sitting down with your family without your cell phone, looking them in the eye, and carrying on a conversation. That is your seed.

The seed for your big life purpose is already in you in the form of your 60 minute purpose. If you’re not willing to fulfill your little purpose for one hour, what makes you think you would ever fulfill your big life purpose?

God knows better. He’s testing you. He’s not going to throw you into your big life purpose until you can nail a 60 minute purpose. Maybe you’re like me and you have failed at that test, a lot. Well my sweet little acorn, you seed of possibility and great potential, today you try again. Remember, all big things start small. This is why a goal of making your bed or drinking water today is huge. It’s huge! It’s a seed! So brush off the guilt of yesterday. I don’t want to hear about all you didn’t do yesterday or all you can’t do today. Fresh start right here, right now. Plant your seed of purpose 60 minutes at a time. Prove yourself faithful with one hour of life purpose, then bigger plans of purpose will grow. Pass the test today. Plant your purpose seeds. Yes, cleaning your house is a purpose seed. Yes, creating a peaceful and joyful environment for your family is a purpose seed. Yes, earning that paycheck and paying those bills is a purpose seed. And these all lead to a bigger purpose.

Are you willing to start small? Will you be faithful with your seed today, or will you sit with unsewn seeds in your hand dreaming of a bigger harvest of purpose?

You’re sitting there thinking, “God, show me my big life purpose. Show me, I will do it!” and God is saying, “Girl! You won’t fulfill your purpose for 60 minutes! You’re not doing the small things. You’re not planting the seeds I have given you, I know you’re not going to take care of your big purpose.”

I think a little light bulb just went off. Think back to those people so beautifully fulfilling their life purpose. I dare you to ask them where they started! I bet they had a totally different job that looks nothing like what they grew into. I bet they had a whole lot of days of proving themselves faithful with little. I bet they mastered getting up and making their bed. What you see in them today is a result of purpose seeds that were well sown, that grew and flourished and became all they were intended to be.

You want that in your life? Now you know exactly what to do. You don’t have to sit and wonder any longer, wishing you knew what to do to fulfill your purpose. It’s right in front of you. Be faithful with your seeds, you have no idea what they can become!

All big things start small and today we will pass the test. Today we will plant our purpose seeds knowing they will bring a bigger purpose harvest. We will plant those seeds today, we will be faithful with a 60 minute purpose. Then God can look at us and say, “That girl right there, she’s ready to step into her bigger purpose because she’s taking care of her seeds of purpose.”

Continually ask yourself, “what is the purpose of this 60 minutes? What do I need to be doing?” Then make a commitment to be faithful to that 60 minute purpose. And plant that seed well!

Told you I’d blow your mind today!