daily devotional

Imagine actually sitting with Jesus this morning and sharing breakfast. Like literally being at the table with Jesus himself, talking. Think of how his love would flow through his words. How his attention would be fully on you. How everything he said would be absolute truth guiding you to the life you were created to live. How his hands would bare physical reminders of what he endured for you, and how those hands would welcome you to come and sit with him. How time with Jesus would remind you of your value and your worth, and give you confidence in the good plans for your life. Wouldn’t your worries be lessened and your burdens be lightened after chatting with Jesus?

May I remind you, this is exactly what we have been called to be in the lives of others? 1 Corinthians 12:27 says “now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it.” As the body of Christ here on Earth, we have been given work to do. Jesus said in John 14:12 “anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father.”

After Jesus walked this Earth, he declared you and I would continue his work and do even greater things. We are his body now, carrying his spirit, on a mission. So, what was it Jesus did while he was here that we are to continue and go even further?

He invited everyone in, even the ones others considered unworthy or unfit. He made time for others without rushing on by. He cared, he listened, he showed up, he gave. He healed the sick, he cared for the poor, he brought peace and mercy, he forgave. He made himself available. He did the impossible through the power of God.

Now, we are here at this exact time, filling our exact space, to represent Jesus in everything we do. It was once said “Christ has no body on earth but yours, no hands but yours, no feet but yours.” Sister, it is your eyes God uses to look at this world with compassion. It is your feet God uses to go about doing good. It is your hands God uses to reach out and bless.

How will you be Jesus today?

On Monday’s episode I shared the story of sailing with a man who looked a lot like Jesus. Maybe you’ve seen the photos and you would agree. I walked off that boat really feeling like I had spent a little time with my Jesus just because of this sailor’s hair, eyes and smile. It left me to wonder what part of Jesus we’re supposed to be representing today. I may not look like Jesus, but could I love like him? Could someone leave my presence and feel like they have felt the love of Jesus?

Could we care like him? Serve like him? Listen like him? Share like him? Lead like him? Could you bring some Jesus with you to work today? Could you bring some Jesus in your home today? Could you live in such a way that makes others feel like they just spent a little time with Jesus?

Could a car ride with you be like a trip with Jesus? Could a random conversation with you at the grocery store be like a chat with Jesus? Could a text from you be like a message from Jesus? I wonder what Jesus would say if he had your phone today? I wonder what his Facebook status would say? I wonder what his Instagram story would be? Well … represent him there!

Aren’t we here to be his hands and feet?

The feet of Jesus belong to those willing to be moved by God. The hands of Jesus belong to those willing to reach out. 
Have you told God you are available to him today? Available to be guided, lead and directed by his Spirit? Available to be wherever you are, and be there fully? Available to look around and see a need, and step up to meet it?

God is continually speaking to us. You know when you get that gut feeling or that little urge to do something kind that’s out of your character … that’s God. All you have to do is listen. Be willing to move your feet and go. Go over to that person and speak life. Go over to that chair and sit. Go see what mission God has for you. Honey, you may never know the impact your presence, your smile, your eye contact, your words have on someone, but my guess is when you get to Heaven there may be someone waiting to tell you.

Jesus had a tendency to dwell fully where he was and see the needs around him. As he walked through a town, he would learn of a need and then meet that need. He made time. Isn’t that what we need to do? We need to make time. Make time as we’re walking through. Why are you in such a rush that you can’t really listen to the reply of the person you just asked “how are you?”

This is your charge today … bring Jesus wherever you go. Represent him in every conversation. Bring his love to the room. Bring his care to the meeting. Bring his power to the table.

And remember, before you go running out into the streets with free hug signs, it always starts right in your own home. How can you show that kind of love, that kind of care, that kind of power to your family today? How can your conversations with your children or your husband leave them feeling like they just had a little time with Jesus? How can you build them up, encourage them, reassure them, strengthen them, and guide them today?

In everything you do today, remember you are the hands and feet of Jesus. He has strengthened and empowered you to continue his work and do even greater things. But maybe greater things are really simple things. Simple things that change the trajectory of a life without you even knowing it.

Let the car ride with you feel like a trip with Jesus. Let every text you send today be like a message from Jesus. Let a conversation with you be like the most encouraging, loving, day changing interaction the other person could possibly have … and let them feel like they’ve just talked to Jesus.