Look around today. God created all this out of nothing. He started with absolutely NOTHING. The first sentence in our Bible says “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Guess what was in the beginning … nothing. Nothing was there to work with. Nothing was there to grow. Just nothing.

I most love a big open night sky. I love to stand in the mountains and stare up into the vast magnificence of our galaxy. God did all of that out of nothing. Yes, but even much, much, more.

Scientists estimate there are hundreds of billions more galaxies in the universe that we can’t see. Each one of these galaxies has billions of stars which bring the grand total number of stars in the universe to about 10 billion trillion. That is a 10 followed by 21 zeros. That’s more stars than the number of grains of sand on the Earth.

And the size of all of this? Well this blows my mind. The only size I can understand is the size of the Earth. The Earth in comparison to each one of these stars is a tiny dot. We live on this itty bitty dot surrounded by 10 billion trillion ginormous stars.

And it all began with NOTHING.

God required absolutely nothing to make the entire universe! Nothing.

If God made this amazing, beautiful universe out of nothing, don’t you think He can take all that you don’t have, all you can’t do, all that isn’t enough, all that is broken, all that is hopeless, and all you’re totally uncertain of, and turn it into a BIG Life?

Remember, out of NOTHING, he created 10 billion trillion stars that are so huge they make our Earth look like a tiny dot.

God is BIG, really BIG, and he does BIG things!

Oh, girl, why have you been limiting him? Why have you assumed just because you don’t have it right now, you will never have it? Why have you believed no one in your family could ever do it, so you wouldn’t be able to either. Why have you believed what little you can do will never be enough? God doesn’t require it to ever have been done in your family before. He doesn’t limit your potential because of your past. He doesn’t dismiss opportunities because you don’t currently measure up.

You think God needs your life all neat and tidy before he can make something of it. Honey, your works here are not required. He needs absolutely nothing to begin his amazing work. Nothing, other than the space.

God began with empty space, and he created the heavens and the earth. Now, lets talk about the empty space in your life and what he can create in it.

Let me speak into the empty places in your life. Where is there void? Where is there an ache of loneliness or want? Where is something missing? God wants to fill that void for you.

Genesis chapter 1 verse 2 says “now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.” I believe the Spirit of God is hovering over you at this moment, ready to create in your life. Ready to fill your empty places. Ready to give form to that which you don’t see.

God is ready to move in your life. Do you believe that today?

Are you ready for God to fill you up? Are you ready for him to create opportunities? Are you willing to fully surrender your life to the creator?

It is in our moment of surrender that God says, NOW I CAN DO SOMETHING WITH THIS. Why? Because now he has space!

On the first day, God created light and he separated the light from darkness. And the same God who created the very light which still lights the Earth today wants to bring light into your darkness. He wants to show you your true worth and your God given potential. He wants to banish the darkness of depression and anxiety and show you a world of hope and beauty. Won’t you let his light shine in your dark places?

My family deals with darkness too. I know you hear my overly peppy, highly excited voice and it’s easy for you to imagine my life must be pretty darn perfect, and you would be wrong. My life is filled with grace and mercy, along with threats of darkness coming from the pits of hell. There are lies tearing apart relationships, authored by the prince of darkness, intended to pull precious souls into his plan. But, that’s not all …

There’s God in our family too. And God says “let there be light!” Let the truth shine on that darkness. Let there be no dark corners remaining for the enemy to hide. God separates the light and the darkness.

If you’re dealing with a darkness, ask God to separate it with his light. That’s what he does. This is what changes lives. This is what causes the overwhelm to be contained. No more Satan. Your dark shadows of deception are forced out by the light and truth of our savior Jesus Christ!

On the second day God filled the earth with water, then he separated it to create sky and dry land. Where are my girls at that feel like they’re drowning? You’ve been treading water for so long just trying to keep your head above water. You work and you work and nothing seems to change. You fight and you claw your way through life and it still doesn’t seem like enough.

God’s getting ready to separate the water which drowns you. You will see blue sky. You will be safe upon the shore. You’re going to get out of this. God’s making a way for you. You don’t have to see the way. You don’t have to feel the way. The way doesn’t even have to exist at this moment. But our God is going to MAKE a way for you.

Remember the story of the Israelites fleeing from the Egyptians, and they came to a dead end. The enemy behind them and the Red sea before them. With no where to go, God showed up and made a way for them. He parted the sea and made it stand on it’s ends. God, we need you to show up and do some sea parting in our lives today. We feel there is no way. We feel attacked and surrounded. We feel the threats of drowning. MAKE A WAY HERE. Part this sea before us.

All you see today, every living being, every tree, every blade of grass, EVERYTHING, all of it was created with God’s word. God spoke this into existence. He speaks and so it is. Did you ever think that maybe God has been trying to SPEAK INTO YOUR LIFE, but you’re so darn busy you won’t ever hear him?

When is the last time you got still and stayed quiet while fully awake and just LISTENED FOR GOD. Isn’t it funny how the only times we’re willing to drop to our knees is when we’re knocked there. That used to be my story, until I learned to start every day on my knees. It seems I don’t get knocked there nearly as much now.

I believe that’s the very reason some of the storms of life come, so we will get still and hear that still small voice. God knows we wouldn’t without the trials.

So today, won’t you be still long enough for God to SPEAK into your life? God creates with his word. As you intentionally listen for him, what could he create in your world? Where could he show up where there is absolutely nothing and start creating something magnificent that has never been before? Where could he bring his light? Where could he separate the waters and make a way?

God’s word creates. There’s an entire book of his word. Will you read some of it? Will you read Genesis chapter 1 and 2, the story of creation? Will you use that quiet time to honor God’s miraculous creation of this world and YOUR LIFE? Will you trust that he can and will create something where there seems to be absolutely nothing in your life?

I’m believing God will take all you don’t have and all you can’t do and he will FILL YOU UP. He will create in you. He will bring his light to the dark places and he will bring fullness to your empty places.

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