How much of your world is quite simply ordinary and slightly boring at this moment? Did you wake up to another day of life where everything is just normal?

How absolutely EXTRAORDINARY!

Don’t miss the fact that uneventful days are a tremendous blessing in disguise. These are days when a million events COULD go wrong, but none of them did. These are the days when everything goes so right, you don’t even notice it.

And really, isn’t that the majority of your days? Days that seem unimpressive and unremarkable, all because everything just worked. The lights turned on. The heater worked. The clothes fit. The car started. The food was available. Your people are breathing. You are functioning.

How are you not impressed by that? Holy balls woman, this is all totally remarkable.

Do you not understand all it required for you to have a normal, ordinary, boring day of life? Have you missed the fact that God was up all night aligning all of these things on your behalf, as he always is?

Can we just thank God for the absolute miraculous in our every day? For all that goes ridiculously right on a daily basis, and it typically always does so we don’t even acknowledge it? Can we send up a praise for all that could be wrong, but it isn’t?

We never acknowledge when the car is running well … until it isn’t. We never notice how our back feels perfectly fine … until it doesn’t. We never realize just how ridiculously blessed we are … until those blessings are threatened.

It’s easy to go through our entire lives with the cruise set trying to get to some destination that is constantly moving. It’s easy to miss the fact that ordinary days are extraordinarily blessed days. It’s easy to save our gratitude, awe and wonder for those big days, and miss that big things are happening every moment of our lives just to make this all seem ordinary.

James 1: 17 “Whatever is good and perfect is a gift coming down to us from God our Father.”

There’s so much goodness in our lives, we could spend every moment of the rest of our lives trying to list it all. Let’s do that. Seriously, how different would your ordinary days be if you were busy acknowledging all that is good? All that is right? All that is working well?

Instead, we wait until the car doesn’t start to come to God and ask him to fix it. I wonder how many times he fixed it before you ever even tried to start it?

We wait until there’s a pain to pray for God to heal it. Oh honey, if you only knew how many pains he healed you of before you ever even felt it. All he has saved you from. The disaster heading straight toward you, that he diverted. Have you thanked him for that? Have you praised him for the peace there is, or are you waiting for the next round of chaos to bring to him?

All 3 of my kids are grown. That’s a miracle in itself! Seriously … there were years I wasn’t so sure we were going to get here. My favorite phone calls from them are the normal, non-eventful days they call just to tell me what they’re doing. To just share their ordinary day with me. Those are my favorite phone calls.

I have to believe God our father feels the same way about our prayers. He loves our “hey God, everything is working here today” prayers. Our “just checking in to say life is still good and I’m still fully aware of it” prayers. He loves our thoughts towards him, void of the crisis. He treasures our praise when others may have missed the opportunity because it’s all so normal.

Philippians 4:8 “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

We have become so accustom to all that is right without a threat. Lovely things surround us on the daily so we no longer recognize them. Excellent things are a continual steady in our everyday lives and it’s become background noise in our busy world. We instead think about the things that are wrong. The things that are broken. The things that aren’t working. And once we think about those things, we then talk about them. It’s our habit to continually talk about the negative. We’re doing the opposite of what God’s word has told us. And we’ve been doing it for so long, it’s all just natural.

It’s time to change that, and we can.

Today, we pause. We look around and we see all that is good, all that is right, all that has always been there working, and we are grateful. God’s on time, always faithful, forever present blessings are not wasted on us. We are here seeing just how good life is and acknowledging the God who has made it good.

My body is working perfectly fine this morning. I didn’t wake up with miraculously bendy with new muscles appearing overnight, but dang it, this body was able to get out of bed! These legs are able to walk. This brain was able to think. And I did all of it without a whole lot of effort. WHAT A GIFT!!!!!

We’re so darn spoiled to the lights working, the car starting, the heater or the AC running, the food available, the kids talking, the dog snoring, the heart beating, the eyes seeing, the sun rising, the world turning, but never forget THIS IS A GIFT! It is a miraculous gift faithfully given to us by a God who loves us wildly.

Think about all that is good and right in your life. All that is ALWAYS good and ALWAYS right. Thank him for ordinary things you have never thanked him for before. Don’t wait until something is threatened to talk to God about it. Call him up today and tell him about all the things that are totally boring and ordinary because he is simply so faithful to you.

I kinda think God loves those simple chats with you about the ordinary things you find extraordinary!

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