So, you’ve decided to work toward becoming your best . . .

Everyone around you should be thrilled, right . . . wrong! Now why wouldn’t you have the undying support of all your family and friends? Why wouldn’t everyone be just as excited as you are about this change in your life? You’re not asking them to give up their chocolate cake, walk at 5 a.m., read a motivational book or plaster their goals all over the bathroom mirror. You’re the one putting in all the hard work – why aren’t they grabbing the pom-poms to cheer you on?
If I were shooting off answers at the hip, I would say they are jealous. However after digging a bit deeper I’ve found that’s not always the answer. In fact, most of the time it has nothing to do with jealousy.

It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with THEM.

FEAR is a natural human instinct, one we try to avoid at all costs. FEAR is likely the trigger of a less than supportive spouse, sister, friend or co-worker. Here’s a sneak peek inside their fear:

  • What if you no longer have time for me?
  • What if you become too good for me?
  • What if you want me to change too?
  • What if you becoming better makes me look bad?
  • What if our relationship changes?
  • What if you no longer need me?

Remember this next time your spouse encourages you to skip your daily work-out, your co-worker chooses not to comment on your ever shrinking butt, your sister points out the negative. It has nothing to do with you . . . it has everything to do with their deep rooted fear.

Want to help them?

Show them as you become your best, you have more to give. By being healthier and happier you are more fun, more energetic, more positive and more helpful. Let them SEE the benefits and their FEAR will shrink. And you never know, hubby might just break out the hot pink pom-poms for you after all!

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