You’re walking a little funky … are your panties all bunched up in a wad today?  Did someone say words that hurt you?  Was there an argument, a cat fight, or a squabble that has you rattled today?  Here are 4 steps to unwad your panties.

1.  Stop re-reading all the FB messages, emails & texts documenting this hurt.  (Really, why are you re-reading it all?  You know it only twists your panties more.  Go ahead and hit the delete button so you’re not even tempted to re-read.)

2.  Stop re-playing it in your head.  (You know the ol’ “well she said and I said, and then she said …”  Or how about the “well, I should have REALLY told him!”  It’s garbage and it will stink up this day too if you let it.  Stop the madness in your head!)

3.  Stop talking about it.  (As good as it may feel to tell everyone your side of the story, it only prologues those nasty negative feelings.  Resist the urge to rant.)

4.  Move on.  (That’s right, you have permission to move on to other things today.  You no longer have to dwell.)

Your panties have officially been starched and ironed out!  You’re a beautiful woman … WALK like one!


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