We’re all familiar with the expectation behind the word URGENT. I don’t know one mom who isn’t familiar with an after-hours crazy rush to the local Urgent Care center with an injured or sick child. We understand urgent means…

“Get the heck out of the way this needs to happen right now!”

Yet when we look at our personal goals; the things we want to accomplish, do, enjoy…well all too often those things go on the back burner. We all have that “someday” list.   Someday I’ll lose the extra weight I need to lose. Someday I’ll take that class I’ve wanted to take.         Someday I’ll get my house organized and looking neat.         Someday I’ll have time to take that romantic weekend with my husband. Someday I’ll frolic on the beach. Someday…someday…someday…

Someone show me where on the calendar I can find “someday”.

We take all these things that we truly want and need, things that we know would make us happy and make our lives better, things that will build our BIG LIFE and what do we do? We put them on this “Someday Bucket List” and then go on with our daily lives.

By living in wait for this “someday” we trade what we want MOST for what we want right now.

We exchange our BIG LIFE goals for a quick moment of good enough.

BIG LIFE demands URGENCY.  There is no “someday”.   There is just TODAY!

Today is powerful. Today is full of potential and opportunity. Today holds amazing things. But today is also fleeting; it’s going to go quick.         That’s why we have to live today with urgency.         We have to grasp today with the urgent knowledge that we will never have another shot at this day again. We need to work towards what we really want today with a fire burning in our bellies.

Someday doesn’t exist.

It’s like a fairytale or Bigfoot…everyone has heard of it, but no one’s ever seen it.  As long as we continue to believe and hope in that someday, we will continue to live little lives waiting for a happily ever after that will likely never come. When we eliminate someday from our vocabulary and begin to live with passionate urgency for today we start living the BIG LIFE we were meant for.

In the Hispanic culture this is known as right now right now. Say it twice and that means right NOW. Pronto.  Today.  It’s happening.

What’s happening? Your life!

Right now right now.

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