Hope; It’s such a great, wonderful thing.
The belief that bigger, better things are coming is what keeps us pushing forward. The faith that things will come together, despite obstacles, as we work toward a goal is essential to maintaining a positive mentality. Hope is a great blessing.
But hope is a double edged sword. Cause hope makes us feel good. It makes us feel like things are possible, like they will eventually happen just the way we HOPE they will.

If we’re not very careful hope can make us feel good… good enough that it will become good enough.

I once had a great conversation with a friend who was getting ready to celebrate her 30th wedding anniversary. I told her I sure hoped to have a marriage like hers when we hit our 30th year. Her reply to me was “Honey, it’s gonna take a hell of a lot more than hope! You always have to hope for the best. But hope is just a soft, sweet feeling, a good marriage takes hard, rough and dirty work.” This advice has helped me countless times since then.

That’s a perfect example of the difference between a little life hope and a BIG LIFE hope.
If you’re living a little life odds are you’ve got a whole list of Someday I hope…
Someday I hope to lose this weight.
I hope I can go back to school someday.
I hope I can take my family on vacation this summer.
I hope my husband and I happily celebrate our 30th anniversary one day.
Those all sound good. They’re great worthy things to hope for.

So what’s missing here?

What’s missing is the hunger for making these hopes a reality. When you’re focused on living a BIG LIFE your I hope’s look significantly different.
I hope to lose this weight by doing this exercise program and cutting carb.
I’m hoping to go back to school so I’m working on rearranging my schedule and commitments so I have the time.
I started a savings account a few months go because I’m hoping to take my family on vacation this summer.
My husband and I work hard, talk with each other and forgive often because we hope to happily celebrate our 30th anniversary one day.
See the difference? A woman who’s got a HUNGER for a big life isn’t waiting on the hoped for ‘someday’, she’s working hard and actively creating the circumstances necessary to make it happen.

Hope isn’t enough. Life demands passion, hunger and action.

We often say life is 10% what happens to us and 90% what we make happen. In a BIG LIFE you get to work on what you want; your 90%. Hope is for that 10% you don’t control.

May you use the energy of Hope to Relentlessly pursue the things you Hope for – BIG Life Hope.

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